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Since the Modi Government came into power the youth of the nation have got many a facility from the government. Since 2014 the government is keen to boost up the employment and standard of living of the people of the nation, especially the young people. In last year the government came up with Start up India Scheme for the young entrepreneurs who want to set their business rather than getting into any jobs. Now the government has come up with yet another encouraging scheme for the youth of the nation that is Pradhan Mantri Youth Yojana (PMYY) for the entrepreneurs who are not properly skilled. Under this scheme the entrepreneurs will get to know about skill development programs and many more learning and developing processes for the betterment of their future.

Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (PMYY)

Name of the scheme

Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana

Full Form

Yuva Udyamita Vikas Abhiyan


November 2016

Launched by



Skill development program for the young entrepreneurs


Across India


3050 total

–       2200 – colleges / universities / premier

–       500 – ITIs

–       300 – schools

–       50 – Skill development centres


Rs. 499.94 Cr

Time Span

5 years

Under the Flag Of

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Official Site 


Objectives Under PM YUVA Yojana

  • The main objective of the scheme is to encourage the young generation and also make them well prepared for global competition. During the Start up India Scheme it has been seen that many an entrepreneur does not have much idea about the business or they don’t have proper skill to excel further in the relevant filed. To provide them proper guidance and learning now MSDE has come up with this training scheme.
  • The scheme will be for the young people who are educated but not skilled and knowledgeable enough to face global competition. After availing the training under PMYY scheme they will be able to grow more and faster.
  • The award under the scheme has introduced to motivate young people who are below 30 to contribute more to the entrepreneur ecosystem of the nation through many innovative ways. The scheme overall aims for the betterment of the nation’s economy.

Key Features Of YUVA Yojana

  • PMYY is the scheme for the young entrepreneurs. Under this scheme all the desirable young entrepreneurs will get a chance to know about skill development programs and learning facility.
  • There will be more than 3000 colleges, schools and other educational institutions where the applicants will get a chance to study in the next five years of time. The first phase of project will take the 5 years of tenure.
  • There will be nearly 2200 higher educational institutions like colleges, premier institutions and universities, 500 ITIs, 300 schools and 50 entrepreneurship and skill development centres will be there under this scheme.
  • With this scheme the entrepreneurs also get easy access to the mentor networks, information and also support unique and way-out features for the young and emerging entrepreneurs.
  • The concerning schools, colleges and other institutions will have online training procedures (massive) through which the trainees can get the study materials at home easily.
  • MSDE also declared about the lab guidelines under this scheme. As mentioned there will be 50 skill development institutions that will be involved in this scheme, the labs in these institutions must have proper provisions for the trainees. Also they will look into the matter of job profiles in these labs to assist the trainees in every sense.
  • Also the young entrepreneurs who have contributed to grow the real assets in the economy in many ways will be awarded by MSDE. The award ceremony will be held on 16th of January 17.

Age Criteria [Eligibility Rules]

The Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana is for the young entrepreneurs across the nation. As of now no other eligibility criteria have decided. Anyone who is young that is below 30 can avail the scheme.

Funding / Budget

The project has started with 5 years of time span in the first phase. The allotted budget for the scheme is Rs. 499.94 Cr for next 5 years. The funding will be done by the central and state governments.

Pradhan Mantri YUVA Yojana Application Form and How to Apply

  1. All applications must be made online. Candidates need to click on the link http://pmyuva.org/registration.htm to get access to the digitized enrollment form.
  2. Here, applicants must type in personal, organizational and infrastructure related details.
  3. As soon as the candidate submits this form online, it will be saved in the scheme database.
  4. The respective authority will scrutinize these details, and make final candidate selections.

Nation’s Youth can apply for the loan for their new startup under Stand Up Loan Scheme and MUDRA Loan Scheme.

PM YUVA Scheme PDF Download 

All interested candidates can attain information about the scheme by clicking on the link http://www.pmyuva.org/docs/pradhan-mantri-yuva-yojna.pdf.



Delhi police department has decided to launch a new skill development scheme, under YUVA Scheme, especially aimed at transgender individuals. Since its inception, the scheme has only received fizzling response from the target beneficiaries. Societal taboos and personal inhibitions bar transgender individuals from applying under this scheme. The police reached out to activists and senior transgender individuals so that they can encourage young transgender people. Delhi police has teamed up 25 skill development centers. Applicants will be able to attain necessary vocational or skill development training at these centers.

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