Online Apply Free Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana Registration in Hindi/Eng pdf | Book At samajwadisp

Online Apply Free Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana Registration in Hindi/Eng pdf  | Book At samajwadisp

It is always a general thing that is followed in India and all over the world by the political people to give some exciting statement by the time when they are going for election campaign. One of such statement given by Akhilesh Yadav in the recent day is that he is going to give free mobile phone for those people who are coming under the category of BPL. There are many initiatives taken by both central and state government to bring digital technology across various divisions of the society.

S.No Important Facts Detailed Information
1 Name of the scheme Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana (SSY)
2 Launched By Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister of UP
3 Launched on Mid of Oct 2016
4 Minimum Age 18 Years
5 Cost of Phone Free to all eligible students.
6 Entire Scheme Funded By UP State Government
7 Smartphone will be delivered by Mid of 2017
8 Last date for Enrollment 25th November 2016
8 Official Website

Apply Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana

The initiative of SSY seems to be one of the fore runners in the field of digitalization. Even when the scheme seems to be one of the words that are given by politicians on the verge of election campaign, this scheme is something different which has been introduced in India. Rather than just stopping by giving a false confirmation to people, government of UP has also taken some of the initiatives to start the process if they are going to win again in the elections scheduled to be held during 2017.

What is the Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana Scheme?

Within the free smartphone scheme, Akhilesh Yadav has decided to distribute free smartphones to the people of UP who are eligible for voting. This initiative was taken up after the UP government launched the free laptop scheme. The residents of UP will have free smartphones now. Interested people can register from the official website of Samajwadi party. It has been announced by the CM that smartphones will be available for each and every poor and economically backward families. All you need to do is register through few steps and that’s it. The scheme is a part of the digital India campaign initiated by our PM Modi.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required.

This yojana is for all the students who have successfully passed 10th class. All eligible students will have to have the 10th pass certificate from UP and an ID proff.

As soon as the idea of this scheme has been proposed, there are many mixed comments begun to flow. The first thing that most people questioned is that on what basis the eligibility criteria are going to be defined. Government of UP later came with a clarification that they will be selecting people for whom the yearly salary lies below 2 lakhs and provide support for them to enter into the digital domain.

How to Apply Samajwadi Free Smartphone Yojana Online

One more question that SSY has raised among common people is that how poor people can register for the scheme through online, by visiting the official site and by selecting the link provided under the scheme name “Samajwadi Smartphone Scheme”, now registers the details which are required by that web page, along with valid mobile number.

The ultimate aim of this scheme is that it should be beneficial for those people who don’t have any access to digital technology. In such a case, it is not fair for government to expect poor people and farmers to sit in front of computer and register under Samajwadi Smartphone Yojana. UP government must

  • Take its own initiatives to find out right people in the category of Below Poverty Line (BPL) and provide benefit to them
  • Ensure that they are going to spread the word across every villages and rural communities to let all people know about the scheme
  • Provide the best product to the beneficiaries instead of going for cost cutting for the smart phones.

Connectivity for smartphones:

In the recent days, there are some big giants like Reliance taking several initiatives to deliver mobile technology across width and wide in India. This scheme may be one of such consequences according to perception of many people. If government is providing BSNL SIM cards in this scheme, it is most appreciable. If the scheme is going to be introduced as a joint venture from private vendors, then it will be considered as one of the marketing program.

It is the expectation of many people that UP government must provide smart phones for only those people who are actually suffering and really in need of a smart phone. If the scheme is going to benefit for those people who are already having a smart phone, then there is no point of making SSY scheme to be accessible to poor people.

How many members from a single family can apply for Smartphone?

As long as the members satisfy the eligibility criteria they can apply for the Smartphone. There is no upper limit for number of registration.

Can a citizen of UP living outside the state also apply for the Smartphone?

Yes, as long as the person is citizen of UP he / she can apply for the same. But the verification will be done in applicants UP home address only.

After successfully submitting the application form, can a person will get the right of having Smartphone?

No, after submission of the form there will be a complete verification process. Once the verification is done by the officials the phones will be delivered to the selected applicants.


Though, the scheme has been portrayed as in aspect of upcoming election in 2017 by opposition parties, the SSS (Samajwadi Smartphone Scheme) would be handy for the unemployed youths in the states to get up-to-date information regarding job opportunities and to stay connected with digital India.  The scheme features, forecasting various government schemes, available jobs in the state, also the competitive exam details conducted by the state government.

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