Self Certification Scheme Haryana

Self Certification Scheme Haryana

Opening up a new shop or factory location is not a simple task in India. There are various licenses and documents need to be submitted by the concerned parties to open up their business place. Although most of the startup process goes in the form of just documents, one most important thing that most of the industries and the shops are lagging in common is the license that is waived off only upon visit by the respective government officials to the concerned place.

Many people think that the process is very simple as they consider officials visiting to the factory location or business place is a simple thing. It is a necessity for team of officials to have a very brief schedule for places they have to visit and also they have to plan schedules for their subordinates too. It has been recently reported to the government of Haryana that there is a serious shortage for officials to directly visit the business place and approve the business activity over there. To minimize this process to a great extent, Self Certification Scheme has been implemented by the government of Haryana recently.

Self Certification Scheme Haryana

Added benefit for small business firms

It is very easy for big and large business places to afford to meet with higher officials and get their documents verified within a short span of time. In case of small and medium sized firms, they have to wait for a long time until unless officials schedule for a visit. To make sure that such things are not happening, Self Certification Scheme will be much helpful. The process has been much more simplified in the form of simple papers which people need to fill and sign and submit it in the respective labor offices.

Once this has been done, the application for Self Certification Scheme will be taken into process and it is now informed that if there is any discrepancy in the document that has been submitted, then visit to the concerned place by officials will be scheduled. It is not that all applications will go through this process. It will be done only for those places that are having discrepancies either in the documents that are submitted or the business process to be validated. As of now, the Self Certification Scheme Haryana is applicable only for those business firms that are having employee less than 250.

Easy approach for entrepreneurs

Although the scheme is said to benefit people of all business categories, it is said to be a boon for entrepreneurs. The process of applying for Self Certification Scheme Haryana has been simplified to a great extent.

  • Visit the website and get information regarding Self Certification Scheme in detail
  • Application can either be downloaded directly from the website or it can be filled out through online
  • Applications that are filled with relevant documents can be directly submitted to the office of Labor Commissioner-cum- Chief Inspector of Factories, Haryana.
Last date for entrepreneur to apply for Self Certification Scheme December, 2016
On upcoming Years, When will be the application for Self Certification will be accepted  January 1 to March 31, every year
Number of Factories or Establishments picked randomly for yearly inspections About 5% of total numbers

Whatever may be the application that has been submitted, it will be validated by the Labor Commissioner-cum- Chief Inspector of Factories and their decision will be final for granting approval. Once application is successful and it is taken into process, concerned business firms will get notification if there is any discrepancy in their application. In case if something is wrong, concerned firm will be notified within 15 days application has been processed. If there is no communication has happened, it can be taken that application is successful. Self Certification Scheme Haryana will be valid for the next five years upon successful application.

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