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The city of Hyderabad has a e challan system to take fines collected from the offenders of traffic rules violation. This is used by the Traffic Dept. of the Police. These challans are produced by the officers and employees of the traffic dept. on seeing any notable traffic rule violations in the streets of Hyderabad. There are several cases under which prosecution for traffic offence is done. To collect the fines efficiently and to maintain the database of the traffic fine collection system, the e-challan system is playing a very important role.

e challan Hyderabad

Procedure for checking

To check the status of challans registered against any vehicle, one must do it easily through the official website for challan for traffic fines in Hyderabad. The web page where one can check the status and other information  is: www.echallan.org. There are two view types in this web portal. One is for general public and another is for the Police and administration officials. After visiting this web page, one must go to the public view option. Then a page opens where one will have to enter the registration no. of the vehicle or the license no. of the user. Then a captcha confirmation will be asked. After copying the correct captcha, on clicking “GO”, challan status against the vehicle or against the license holder will be generated and shown.

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Scopes of checking for any pending cases against your vehicle

In Hyderabad, after the launch of challan system, the members of public can easily check the status of their vehicles on the web portal. They can check whether there are any traffic violation cases against their vehicle under the jurisdiction of Hyderabad. Not only they can check the total number of any cases against the vehicle, they can also check the previous case records against that particular vehicle. Or they can check the status of a particular prosecution, this means they can collect information about the nature of case, or place of traffic rule violation, date and time, and the fine amount to be paid.

Modes of payment of the e challans for traffic violation in Hyderabad

The fine payment for challans that are given to the offenders of the traffic rule violation in the streets of Hyderabad can be done in several ways. There are basically three ways to make payments against challans and to clear the pending case against the vehicle. The first mode of paying challans is by depositing cash directly to the e seva traffic fine collection counters. One can also use their debit / credit cards for making payment in e seva counters. Another method of payment of traffic challans is by making direct online payment via the e –challan web portal. One can use net banking or debit / credit card for payment. The last mode of fine payment is the AP online seva where can deposit the fine amount directly to the account of the Govt.

How to make online payment through net banking

For paying the fine amounts of the pending cases for traffic rules violation against a vehicle, one must visit the web portal of the traffic e – challan system. This web page is www.echallan.org. After entering the registration number or the license number, the pending cases are displayed. Then there is an option to pay the fine amount through net banking method. Click on the NET BANKING tab as your mode of paying the fine. Then this will take you to the net banking options and gateways. You can pay the amount by using your credit / debit card by providing the details of your cards. You can also use your bank account directly for payment if your bank account supports net banking facility. After payment, the transaction slip will be generated. This slip will show that the case has been disposed and settled.

How to online payment of through AP online seva

AP Online seva is a revenue collecting portal by the state govt. Previously, the city of Hyderabad was under the Andhra Pradesh Govt. But now, it is a part of the newly formed state, Telangana. However, the name of the portal is still unchanged. The govt. uses this web portal to collect all types of revenue from general public. So one can directly use this portal to pay the fine amount of the traffic e – challan in Hyderabad.  Here also you can use your bank account details or use debit / credit card for payment of the e – challan fine.

How to do cash payment through e seva centers

The govt. has opened several e – seva centers for collection of taxes, fines and other revenues. The e seva counters are spread all over the city of Hyderabad and throughout Telangana. After getting the information about the pending cases against your vehicle, one can choose the option of paying the fine amount of the e – challan for traffic rules violation through cash payment. For this mode of payment one must click on the option of “eSeva”. Then an acknowledgement slip will be generated for print out. This slip which contains details of the cases registered against the vehicle and fine amount of e challan. The user must visit any e seva centre and make cash payment. To get the details of all eSeva centers one can visit: http://www.esevaonline.telangana.gov.in/.

Update of payment status of e challan

After the payment of the fine amount mentioned in the e – challan, it takes some time to get it updated in the database of the Hyderabad traffic police department. The time mentioned in the web portal for challan payment status update is 24 hours. One must contact the traffic dept. in case of non settlement of the e – challan even after one day of payment of fine. One must take print out of the payment confirmation page as a proof of making the fine payment.

Registration in e challan web portal

There is a dedicated service for the general public in the e – challan web portal where one can apply for change of vehicle ownership. This is needed at the time of buying or selling used vehicles. For this, the user needs to register in and create an account with the e – challan web portal and generate a password.

Sl. No. Attributes Related Data
1 Methods of checking By submitting Registration no. of vehicle, By submitting License no. of driver
2 Modes ofpayment eSeva centers, net banking and AP Online system.
3 ETA for  update in traffic database 24 hours
4 Web portal www.echallan.org

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