Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana (GYSY) | free calling, internet facilities

Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana (GYSY) | Free Calling and Internet Facilities

According to Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana (GYSY), it is said that the youths will be provided with the mobile phones where they could have the calling facilities free for hundred minutes and at the same time the internet will be free usage up to 3 GB. The youth, to those it will be provided, should have the age group between 16 years to 30 years.


Mr. Laxmikant Pareskar, the chief minister of Goa, announced that nearly 1.25 lakhs of youth will be handed over with the operator and they will be provided so that they could provide better services to the state as well as to the nation. This was introduced by keeping the concept of Digital India which was introduced by the central government. Such initiation had made the chief minister decide that they could come up with the some digitization so that the Goa can be developed. Therefore he allowed the scheme to be provided only to the youth and the youth are the right person to take care of digitization and allow the scheme to proceed further.

Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana (GYSY)

The minister also decides to implement the Goa Electronic Limited as the agency so that the requirement could be fulfilled easily and thereby the scheme can be put forward within a short span of time. He also added that the scheme that is being established will continue for three years and whatever the necessary budget is required will be discussed in the budget planning that is being held in the consecutive years.

Key Features

  • The scheme is going to have major impact on the development of the nation as well as the state. The minister feels that with such implementation the youths can be uplifted and thereby they contribute to the major success in the development of the nation.
  • The scheme will be applicable to those people who are above the age of 16 and who are below the age of 30. The date of birth will be calculated on the date of registration. Apart from all these, the fellow should be a citizen of Goa and he or she is staying in this state for more than five years.
  • If any of the candidates is facing certain problems regarding the scheme than he or she can directly visit the secretary of the committee who is involved with the Goa government and at the same time the charge is also given to the departments of the information technology and some of the other dignitaries. Whatever the decision, the dignitaries will be taking shall be the final bidding.


There will also be the declaration process. If a candidate is not willing to have the service then he por she can pray for the deactivation and soon it will be deactivated. Apart from that if the candidate has exceeded the age of 30 then he or she can also inform it to the authorities to deactivate the facilities that were provided to him or her. The deactivation is also made if the people are found to act some offensive or abusive activities with it.


These are following objectives that the state as well as the minister of the state is expecting from the scheme:

  • Help the people to get accustomed with the digitization process.
  • Youths can be updated with various sources of opportunities through the internet.
  • People can have the access to the entire world with the internet.
  • It will lead to increase in literacy rate of the state.
  • It will lead to development of the state.

Quick glance

The table will suggest the details of scheme at a glance.

NAME OF THE SCHEME Goa Yuva Samwad Yojana
INTRODUCED BY Laxmikant Pareskar
PURPOSE Providing people free calling and internet facilities
NUMBER OF PEOPLE BENEFITED 1.25 lakhs (approx)

Update –


Yuva Samwad Yojana Discontinued in Goa –Till date, around 32,000 individuals, falling in the age group of 16 and 30 years had received the benefits of this scheme. But the scheme was called off, and will no longer remain active from July 1, 2018. Keeping this scheme active was no longer a good option for state finance department. It was costing Goa government a whopping 24 crore per annum. However, Goa authorities also mentioned that they will soon replace it with better projects. Special care will be taken to ensure that the new schemes do contribute towards increasing digital literacy among Goa residents.

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