AirSewa app can register complaints for fliers

AirSewa app can register complaints for fliers

On the 27th of November a new mobile application called the AirSewa has been launched by the Civil Aviation Ministry which would provide people with various services including grievance redressal service.

S.No Interesting Facts about AirSewa app Detailed Information
1 Who Launched this AirSewa App? Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Ashok Gajpathi Raju
2 Who can utilize this AirSewa App? Travers who are Android and iOS Users
3 Motive behind the launch of AirSewa App To Provide hassle-free air travel experience in India
4 Categories which are founded in AirSewa App ·         Grievances pending within time line

·         Grievances pending beyond time line

·         Closed grievances

5 Features of AirSewa App Users can upload images and videos with few descriptions.

AirSewa app can register complaints for fliers

Services offered by AirSewa

To provide the people of the country a hassle free ride whenever they travel by air the AirSewa application and portal has been launched. Apart from grievance redressal the AirSewa portal and app will include airport information and details, flight status and details, back-office operations for grievance handling.

Some other important details

  • The app was launched by the Civil Aviation Minister and this mobile app would be available for both iOS and Android users and the web portal for all others.
  • The main objective of this app and portal would be to recognize the problems that the travelers face and then solve it or make improvements in the system.
  • This app and portal has been launched to manage problems and complaints relating to refund delays, flight delays, lost baggage management, and other such common problems. With the help of this app and portal people will be able to go through all these processes in a systematic and faster manner.
  • This app will bring together all the players of the civil aviation system so that the objective of the app can be achieved.
  • In this app and portal the passengers who have a problem regarding their travel can post a video or send a voice message in the portal or mobile app, describing their issue. On doing so the person will be given a complaint or reference number for the grievance that he or she just reported.
  • The unique reference number can be used for knowing and tracking the status of your complaint and in how much time will you receive a reply to it. After the grievance is solved you can send your feedback depending on the satisfaction that you had with this service.
  • For the management of the app and portal a team of nodal officers have been selected who will be responsible for passing through the complaints to the respective departments.

With the help of this app and portal the users will be able to check the status of the flights and flights between airports can be tracked. Apart from this details about the airport services including WiFi services, resting services, wheel chair services, etc. can be got on the AirSewa portal and mobile app.

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