Amount of cash Deposit made by BJP MPs and MLAs after demonetization or note bandi

Amount of cash Deposit made by BJP MPs and MLAs after demonetization or Note Bandi

Demonetization is a big enough move for the opposition party to not criticize. Therefore some accusations have come forward against the ruling party that they knew about demonetization and have already done away with their black money.


Demonetization and black money

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is so sure about his party that he has asked all his MLAs and MPs to submit their bank account details between 8th November and 31st December, 2016. He has done this to prove once and for all that the accusations levied against him and his party, are false and that the party is strictly against black money transactions of any sort.

Amount of cash Deposit made by BJP MPs and MLAs after demonetization or note bandi

By providing the bank account information, the ruling party is also stern to make it clear that they will not tolerate black money within their own party itself. This is a major movement and has been termed a radical.

Hence, all the details of the bank accounts of the MLAs and MPs will be submitted to the President of the Party, Amit Shah by 1st December, 2016.

What were the charges against the party?

The opposition also including many other parties like AAP (headed by Arvind Kejriwal) have alleged that BJP was aware of the move and they have invested crores of money in properties and land right before the demonetization has been put into effect. Such allegations are starting to turn the heat up right before the UP elections.

The specific allegations included –

  • The scheme is a little bit messy in terms of implementation. The rules have been changing daily and in terms of preparation, the demonetization lacks any proper structure.
  • Arvind Kejriwal also claimed that in the name of demonetization a scam worth 8 lakh crores has been developed right before our eyes. This he claims is because the party has converted its black money into white.
  • The West Bengal unit of BJP party deposited crores of amounts in the banks just six to seven hours prior to the announcement. Hence it is suspected that they knew about the event.
  • AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha also said that West Bengal unit is the state where the party does not have any support base. Hence the scam in other states where it does have a strong foothold could be even larger.
  • The meeting with the person that brought forth the scheme was supposedly to go on for 9 minutes but it went on for over one and a half hour and Kejriwal suggests that within this time, the party was tipped off to accumulate all its wealth and give reports about it.

What is the opposition’s reaction now?

Right after Modi announced that he will ask all his party members to make everything transparent, the opposition reacted fiercely.

In fact, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to twitter to express his reaction about this. He said that the friends of the party such as Ambani, Adani and even Paytm should be asked to give their account details.

Suspecting that the currency notes might have been in the process of demonetization six months prior to the announcement, the Chief Minister also said that the account details six months old should also be provided for this cause.

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