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E Pashu Haat | Online portal for the livestock @epashuhaat.gov.in

As a part of the digital India now the Indian government has launched e-Pashu Haat, India’s first online market for the livestock. Farmers can now buy livestock, frozen semen and frozen embryos from this website and get them at their doorstep. The Modi government has introduced this portal to encourage the daily production that seems to be drowning these days. With e-pashu haat the farmers will now get easy access to the livestock over the states. They need to go to the website and login for the trading of their required livestock.

Need for it

In recent times the dairy production has seemed to be going down largely. Farmers who are involved in livestock trading are facing a lot of problems these days as they are not getting enough livestock to grow their production. Looking at such scenario the central government has decided and launched an online portal for the farmers across the nation through which the farmers can trade their livestock, buy and sell embryos, semen and a lot of provisions to encourage daily production.

E Pashu Haat


  • This is an online portal and farmers do not need to run from one place to another to get the livestock they want. With this portal farmers from one state can trade with the farmers from another state.
  • There is a home delivery provision under this portal. Farmers who are buying livestock from the portal can get them at their doorstep without going anywhere.
  • At present there is no organised market for the livestock or daily animals. This web portal will be the first organised livestock market for the farmers.
  • There is a proper transportation system under the e-Pashu Haat to transfer the animals from one state to another. Due to this the home delivery system has been introduced in here.


Farmers who are involved in livestock and dairy productions are the main beneficiaries of the portal. Also certified livestock traders are also eligible to trade through the e-Pashu Haat.


The ePashu Haat is introduced as the part of National Mission of Bovine Production started by the central government of India. The total amount of Rs. 825 Cr is been allotted for the NMBP scheme. On the other the e-pashu haat was initiated with the budget of 2 Cr in the first phase.


The e-Pashu Haat was officially launched on 26th November 2016.


The portal will operate across the country. E-pashu haat is an online portal anyone from India can use the portal and register under it. The portal is available in every city and region of the country. e-pashu haat has the transportation provision that deliver the livestock at any place within the boundary of the nation.

How to use

There are few steps that the farmers need to be followed to use the website and trading opportunities.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website http://www.epashuhaat.gov.in/ . In the home page you will get a tab that says “Seller login”, click on the tab.
  • Step 2: once you click on the tab, you will be directed to the online login form that is available on the website. This form is for the existing members to login to the website. You will get a tab ‘register’ beside the login tab, click on the register tab.
  • Step 3: Enter the details that are required. The details such as whether you are a farmer or a certified trader, name, address, district including your address and contact information.
  • Step 4: submit the form along with required documents. A login ID and password will be generated once you successfully register with the portal. That login ID and password will be your official ID for using the web portal.
  • Step 5: Once you are registered you can start trading the livestock, frozen embryos and semen of the dairy animals.


  • After launching the website officially on 26th November 2016, it took only few hours to get the outcome. Nearly 8.62 Lac frozen semen was being sold within a few time of the official launch of e-pashu haat.
  • Within few hours of launch of the portal it was nearly 13, 000 visits across the world. There are visitors from USA, UK, Russia, Singapore and Canada as well.

Future Aspects

The government has set the target of making the earning of the farmers double by the year 2022. This portal is something that Indian government has never done before. In fact there was no such websites for livestock ever in the country. This will bring up the dairy production in large volume, expects the central government.

E-Pashu Haat Online

Scheme e-Pashu Haat
Nature Online portal for the livestock
Aim Encourage dairy production
Beneficiary Farmers
Launch 26.11.2016
Launched by Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh
Budget 2 Cr
Products Livestock, frozen semen, frozen embryo
Benefits e-payment, home delivery



E-Pashudhan Haat Scheme Implemented by Government

Apart from production of crops, animal rearing or animal husbandry is also an important livelihood earner for agricultural labors. For the assistance of individuals who are totally invested in animal husbandry, central government has launched a special program, called E-Pashudhan Haat Scheme. The official website of this scheme can be reached by clicking on the link www.epashuhaat.gov.in. This site will bridge the gap between animal sellers and buyers. Information about the breed of these animals is also available on this site. Animal breeders can also get quality embryo and semen sample from improving the quality and productivity of the animals. The two main objectives of this scheme is to conserve and develop animal husbandry in India.

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