Captain Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme in Punjab for Youth 2020

Captain Punjab Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme 2020 for Youths [Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process]

Free smartphone distribution scheme has been introduced in Punjab. Congress promised to offer a free smartphone to common people after the 2016 election. This will be an effective stratagem of the party to win the election. But the scheme did not come into effect on an immediate note. Several eligibility criteria have been introduced pertaining to the scheme over the past few years, and finally, after such a long time, the scheme has been launched in the state. According to the scheme, a free smartphone will be given to the youth of the state. It will help to enhance communication facilities among youth. In addition, they will have easy access to technological influence in every sphere of life. Thus, in this way, the government will be able to reach out to more people in the state.

Punjab Free Smartphone Yojana

Name of scheme Free Smartphone Distribution Scheme
Launched by CM Captain Amrinder Singh
Launched in Punjab
Date of announcement of the scheme January 2019
Estimated date of implementation of scheme March 2019
Target beneficiaries of scheme Youth of the state
Scheme has been supervised by Punjab state government
Smartphone Distribution start  26th Jan

 Key features of the scheme

  • Facilities of better communication – By the introduction of this scheme,the youth of the state will have access to smartphones. Therefore, by this scheme, the eligible candidates will be able to get free smartphones.
  • Scheme can be implemented in phases – Initially, the scheme has been introduced in 2016, and it took almost two years to implement it finally. For the eligible applicants, the scheme has been rolled out in separate phases.
  • Talk time – The free smartphone provides free talk time. A local of 600 minutes will be given to the youth to call in any local numbers. After the free minutes have finished, they have to recharge in order to continue the mobile connection service.
  • Facility to use the internet – With the help of this mobile phones, youth will be able to have access to internet connection.
  • Validity of connection – The connection offered in the smartphone will be available for a year. After the completion of a year, the user has to pay a certain amount in order to keep the connection active.
  • Mainly aimed for youngsters – The main aim of the scheme is to help the youth of the state with the free smartphones. This will help the youngsters. The state government will help to offer better opportunities to youth and contribute in the overall improvement of the society.
  • Invite tenders – Tender invitations have been planned by the state authority in collaboration with Punjab information and communication Technology Corporation. The state government is further expecting that rest of the telecom companies will pair up with this scheme in the upcoming months and make this scheme a successful one.
  • Number of beneficiaries – According to the estimation of the scheme, the state government will provide near about 50 lakh free smartphones to the youth of Punjab.

Eligibility criteria and documents required for the scheme

  1. Punjab residents – Only the youth residing in Punjab are eligible to apply for the scheme. They should be legal residents of the state, and they have to produce residential certificates to support that they belong to the state. To register the application form, he or she must be a resident of the state.
  2. Personal ID – Similar to residential proof, personal identification should be provided in order to avail the benefits of the scheme. By this, the state government will be ensured that they are offering free smartphones to the right candidate. Therefore, the candidate has to produce their voter ID card or Aadhaar card.
  3. Education proof – The scheme only includes youth who belong to school or college. According to information stated in the first phase of the scheme, only the youth belonging to government schools and colleges will be allowed to apply for the scheme. After the extension of the rules under the scheme, students in technical departments will also be given free smartphones. However, school and college mark sheets of the final examination is required that will help to check the authenticity of the youth and his or her educational qualification.

How to apply for the application form and enroll for the same?

The planning of the scheme has started two years back, and now it is time to implement the same. So, the state government is taking measures to implement the scheme. According to scheme details, the earlier highlights are no more valid, and changes have been introduced in the same. For the help of the youth of Punjab, the state government will launch a portal pertaining to the scheme, or it will declare information pertaining to the registration process for the scheme. As soon as the details are out in the online portal, you will be the first one to know about the details of registration.

Therefore, the two years back planned scheme would come into effect in 2019. This has more promising after the common people of the state have voted for Amrinder Singh. After coming to power, it has become important for him to keep his promise. For the successful implementation of the scheme, the state authority in collaboration with different departments has started to implement the scheme. This will help the youth of the state avail its benefits.For any information pertaining to the scheme, you have to check online and get to know about any new announcements pertaining to the scheme.

Phone Specification:

Operating System Android v6
Processor Quad Core
Display 5 inches screen
Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels
Memory 16 GB internal up to 64 GB
Connectivity 2G, 3G, 4G, dual sim (nano, micro)
Battery Removable
Camera 16MP primary with 5MP secondary

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