Delhi Grocery / Milk / Medicine Shop Registration For Curfew Passes of Coronavirus [COVID 19]

Delhi Grocery / Milk / Medicine Shop Registration For Curfew Passes of Coronavirus [COVID 19]

Delhi government has come up with the initiative of milk, grocery, and medicine shop registration of lockdown e-passes on the grounds of COVID-19. Sources of essential service like milk sellers, vegetable vendors, chemists, and private sector employees are eligible to get e-pass. People can get the pass-through Whatsapp or district magistrate offices. The facility has been offered to the ones who are offering essential services and they have to go out even during the lockdown period.

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To cope up with the situation better, the e-passes have been introduced by the Delhi state government for the residents or employees who are stuck in the city or the border area. In this regard, the administration has come up with the idea of color-coding the mechanism of offering e-passes for the ones who are giving essential service to the common people.

However, LG Anil Baijal has stated that government will impose lockdown to be in Delhi, asking the state citizens to stay at home. 

How to register for the e-passes during the Delhi coronavirus lockdown period?

The Delhi government issues the E-passes for the good of the vegetable sellers, grocers, chemists, milk sellers, and the like. By the passes, it can be ensured that essential daily needs will be made available for the citizens of the state. Even during the 21 days of lockdown, the goods will be available at the local shops. The lockdown for COVID-19 will continue till 15th April 2020. The passes will be available through Whatsapp and helpline number 1031 for the details of the passes. One can also approach the district magistrate office to get information about the passes.

In this relation, CM has said that citizens of the state do not have to use passes to buy grocery items. To avoid panic buying, CM said that the shops would remain open that are offering essential services. Adding to this, CM said that people would not face the scarcity of essential commodities available in the shops.

Who will be helped by COVID 19 Curfew E-Pass?

People working in different departments like private firms, media, ration shops and the like have complained that policemen have stopped them on the road. The passes will help the essential service providers during the lockdown period. It offers transparency of the assistance offered by the state and help citizens get the essential services. In this regard, it is said that the citizens who do not have proper ID card will not be able to get the e-passes for the lockdown period.

In this relation, the Delhi residents outside the city will be allowed to come to the city with the help of the passes. The pass will have the residential details of the individuals. So, people can apply for e-pass through Whatsapp or e-mail ID at To get this, one has to provide suitable details along with relevant residential documents. By this, the applicant can get the e-pass either through Whatsapp or e-mail service. 

Delhi Helpline Number for Police Harassment

Delhi CM ArvindKejriwal has announced helpline number 011-2249536 when the policemen harass any citizen of the state during the lockdown period. Besides, the government has come up with control room settings through the assistance of the Divisional Commissioner in Delhi with the assistance of the DM officers. Also, an ACP rank officer will be present at the control room to offer help to the ones harassed or facing any problem on a different real-time basis. Therefore, the Delhi government is trying its best to offer suitable help to the common people at the time of lockdown. 

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