Free Wi-Fi Scheme Delhi 2020

Free Wi-Fi Scheme in Delhi 2020 [How to Activate Wifi Connection, KYC, Hotspot, Place]

The APP party came to power in Delhi in 2015. After the election, the Delhi government has started launching schemes, which were promised in the election manifesto. In this light, the current Chief Minister of the state has announced the implementation of the Free Wi-Fi Scheme in Delhi. It will give the residents of Delhi access to fast internet connectivity. It will encourage the people to acquaint themselves with the digital platform. This article sheds light on the various aspects of the scheme.


Launch details

Name of the scheme Free Wi-Fi Scheme
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of scheme announcement 2015
Recent announcement of scheme features 4th Dec
Date of implementation 16th Dec
Target beneficiaries Residents of Delhi
Supervised by Delhi Government


Key features of the scheme

  1. Expansion of digital awareness – The aim of the state government is to increase digital awareness among the people. They can use modern gadgets to gather information by tapping into the internet.
  2. Better connectivity – The implementation of this scheme will offer the people access to better, faster and more secure internet data source.
  3. Number of hotspots – It has been mentioned in the scheme details that the state government has commissioned the installation of around 11,000 hotspots in the entire region to ensure uninterrupted connection.
  4. Hotspots at bus stops – Around 4000 hotspots will be installed in the bus stops for the convenience of the travellers.
  5. Hotspots at markets – The Chief Minister highlighted that around 7000 hotspots will be installed in the market and crowded areas.
  6. Hotspots at constituencies – The scheme also highlights that every constituency in Delhi will get 100 hotspots.
  7. Internet data pack – The maximum data usage that has been offered under this scheme is 15 GB.
  8. Per-day net usage – The Chief Minister has mentioned that no individual will be able to use more than 1.5 GB internet data on a specific day.
  9. Internet speed – It has been highlighted in the scheme details that the average speed of the internet connection will vary between 150 mbps and 200 mbps. It will not fall under 100 mbps under any circumstance.
  10. Total number of beneficiaries – The Chief Minister has announced that once all the hotspots are up and running, the scheme will offer internet connectivity to as many as 22 lakhs inhabitants of Delhi.
  11. Time limit – The user needs to use the specified data within a span of one month. However, there is a daily usage limit.
  12. Uploading KYC – To ensure that only the legal residents of Delhi use this facility, the scheme requires the KYC details of the applicant.
  13. OPT activation – Once the interested user has uploaded the KYC details, the system will generate and send an OTP to the registered mobile number. Once the user types in this OTP and click on the submit button, the hotspot connection will be activated.
  14. Automatic switchover – If the users are traveling, then the internet connection will switch from one hotspot to another automatically.

How to active the Wi-Fi connection?

The scheme will be launched soon. Though the CM has mentioned that the residents will have to upload their KYC details for activating the connection, but the entire process has not been described. Once the state government makes the necessary announcements, we will update the process details on our portal. Here, you will acquire the other scheme-related details as well.

It is rather challenging to find someone who does not possess a smartphone. It scheme offers fast and secure internet connectivity for the inhabitants of Delhi. The Chief Minister has highlighted that proper measures will be taken to develop the scheme in the future. Access to internet will encourage students to gather information from the academic portals. It will also give the people access to information about developmental schemes of the Delhi government.

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