YSR Jagan Anna Vidya (Vasati) Deevena Scheme 2020

YSR Jagan Anna Vidya (Vasati) Deevena Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2020 – ( Eligibility Criteria, Application Form, Documents, Final List, Fee Reimbursement, Status )

The Jagan Anna Vasati Deevena Scheme has been sanctioned by the Andhra Pradesh government for the betterment of the education sector and the students. It has been supervised by Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The scheme has been approved on November 2019. It aims reimbursement for poor students so that they can pursue higher students of their choice. Take a look at other related details of the scheme mentioned below.


Name of the scheme launched  Jagan Anna Vasati Deevena Scheme
Former name of the scheme AP Fee Reimbursement Scheme
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement November 2019
Official implementation Yet to be declared 
Target beneficiaries Higher education students from financial weak households
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh Government
Scheme launched in  Andhra Pradesh 
Scheme amount to be given in  Two installments 
Months in which amount to be given are  December and July 
Amount will be credited to  Candidate’s mother’s bank account 
Amount allocated for the scheme  Rupees 2,300 crores yearly 

Jagan Anna Vasati Deevena Scheme Features –

  1. Development of education sector – Successful implementation of the scheme will play an important role in improving the prevailing condition in the education system of the state. 
  2. Encouraging students – The main aim of the project is to develop and encourage students so that they are able to pursue their academic goals easily. 
  3. Financial grants for different beneficiaries – The financial help to be given for ITI students will be rupees 10000, Polytechnic students will be rupees 15000. In addition, the degree course students will get rupees 20000 for the year 2019-2020.  
  4. Amount to be paid in installments – The amount will be given in two installments to the candidates. Once it will be given in December and then it will be given in July. 
  5. Amount granted for the scheme – The state government has given rupees 2300 crores for the above said scheme. However, the government has said that the amount will be increased by rupees 15000 yearly. Therefore, it can be expected that a total of 11, 44,490 students will get financial help from the scheme. 
  6. Scholarship transfer via DBT – The state government is giving financial help to candidates under the above said scheme. The financial help will be deposited directly in the linked bank account of the mothers of the selected beneficiaries. 

Eligibility criteria of scheme 

  • Permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh – The state government will accept the application of candidates who are permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh. Students from other states are not allowed to avail of the scheme benefits.
  • Income limit for the students – The parents of candidates should have an annual income less than rupees 2.5 lakhs yearly. Only then, the candidates can avail the scheme perks.
  • Landowners – Beneficiaries should be wetland less than 10 acres and agricultural land below 25 acres. Only after meeting these conditions, the candidates can get the benefits. Also, the candidate should have 1500 square feet of house in the city to become eligible to get the scheme benefits. 
  • Private and government colleges – Only the students belonging to the government, government-aided colleges, and private colleges are eligible to get the scheme perks. 
  • Not a vehicle owner – The candidate’s family should not have a 4 wheeler, taxi or auto if they have to avail the scheme benefits. 
  • Non-tax payer – No member of the candidate should be a taxpayer. In that case, the candidate cannot get access to the scheme benefits. 

Documents required

  • Residential proof – The candidates have to produce documents justifying that they are the legal residents of the state. Candidates from other states are not allowed to become part of the above said scheme.
  • Identity details – The candidate should produce Aadhaar card details while applying online for the scheme. This shall help the officials to run a background check of the candidate. 
  • College certificate – Only college and university students are allowed to apply for the scheme benefits. If they are not part of any educational organisation, they cannot get the benefits of pursuing higher education. So, they should produce a college certificate.
  • Income certificate – It is important to provide an income certificate of the candidate’s parents. It will be necessary to check whether the candidate is eligible to get the scheme benefits or not.
  • Bank account details – The bank details such as bank account, passbook, IFSC code, and other important details should be provided. Therefore, the bank account details of the candidate’s mother should be provided.

How to register for the scheme?

As this is a newly launched scheme by the state government, the registration procedure is yet to be declared. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. After the launch of the official portal, it can be expected that beneficiaries get details from it. However, the department is trying its best to launch the portal at the earliest. The higher authority will make an announcement for the same.

The scheme will be implemented successfully by early 2020 that shall aim to improve the condition of the education sector. Through the scheme benefits, the students who wish to pursue higher studies will get financial help. 

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