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YSR Amma Jagananna Vodi Scheme Pathakam in Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Eligibility, Application Form, How to Apply, Beneficiary List, Last date,Documents, Amount, Check Status]

The education system in the South Indian states is better than other areas. The Andhra Pradesh government wants to get to the top of the list. So, the current CM has been churning out education welfare schemes for school and college students respectively. The implementation of the Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme offers financial support to the poor families. The CM believes that it will increase the percentage of regular school going candidates in the state. This article gives you the details of its features, eligibility requirements, documents and application process.

YSR Amma Jagananna Vodi Scheme

Name of the scheme Jagananna Amma Vodi Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement June 2019
Implementation date January 2020
Target beneficiaries School students from 1st to 12th standard
Application mode Offline enrollment for the students

Last dates for application submission

Date Scheme Related Task
December (First Week) The state education board will publish the preliminary beneficiary list
25th November  All schools, which do not have more than 100 students, must complete the application by this date
26th November  All education institutes, which have between 100 and 300 pupils must complete application within this date
27th November Schools, which have a student strength of more than 300 must complete enrollment by the end of this date

Key features of the scheme

  1. Improve academic infrastructure – With the implementation of this project, the state government will be able to reinforce the educational structure in the villages as well as the cities.
  2. Boost literacy percentage in the state – The grant will encourage the children to continue their school education. It will enhance the overall literateness rate in the state.
  3. Reduce dropouts – The financial assistance will help the parents to pay for the school tuition fee and other supplies. Thus, there will be a substantial reduction in the dropout percentage.
  4. Financial assistance – Every beneficiary of the project will receive Rs. 15,000 from the state government as assistance for their education endeavors.
  5. Frequency of payment – Each year, the stat government sponsored financial aid will be deposited in the mother’s bank account, within January.
  6. Scheme applicable for – It has been highlighted that the students from class one to class twelve has been selected to become the beneficiaries.
  7. Types of schools – The scheme guidelines shed light on the fact that the government and state aided educational institutes’ pupils can enroll. The students from private schools and junior college can also attain the perks.

Eligibility for applicants

  1. Must be an inhabitant of the state – The Chief Minister mentioned that the perks of this scheme are reserved for legal residents of Andhra Pradesh only.
  2. Regular school candidates – If the student is not a regular school goes, or had dropped out of the education system, then such applicants will not be selected as beneficiaries.
  3. Must belong to BPL category – The state government has highlighted that only the registered BPL families will be able to partake in this scheme.
  4. Must be white ration card holder – The mother and her school going child must possess their respective white ration passes.
  5. Income limit for applicant’s family – It is essential that the annual household income does not cross the Rs. 1 lakh mark.
  6. Attendance requirement – If the student has an attendance percentage that is not more than or equal to 75%, his/her application will be cancelled.
  7. Bank account – It is necessary that the mother of the applicant has a bank account in her name. The yearly financial assistance will be deposited in that account via DBT.

Documents necessary for registration

  1. Residential documents – In case the student fails to produce authentic residential documents, he/she will be barred from attaining the financial assistance.
  2. Identification papers – The photocopies of the Aadhar cards of the mother and the student are mandatory for data scrutiny.
  3. BPL certificate – The candidate will not attain the perks if he/she fails to attach a photocopy of the BPL certificate of the family.
  4. White ration card – The applicant needs to produce a photocopy of his/her white ration car, issued by Andhra Pradesh government.
  5. Income certificate – The applicant must provide a family income certificate that needs to be issued by Gram Panchayat or BDO.
  6. School certificate – The school office must provide an official document that shows that the applicant is a regular student at the institute.
  7. Attendance certificate – It is the responsibility of the school to draft an attendance certificate and attach with the application form to support the 75% attendance claims.
  8. Mother’s bank account details – It has been instructed that the students must attach his/her mother’s bank account details, highlighting the account number, IFSC code, branch code, bank and branch name.

How to get application form and register for the scheme?

  1. Offline application – The state government has highlighted that the project application will be carried out offline.
  2. Collection of the enrollment forms – The Chief Minister pointed out that the interested and eligible students need to collect the application document from the respective school.
  3. Form fill-up – Once the candidate gets the form, he/she needs to fill in the various fields with the correct details.
  4. Document attachment – It will be the responsibility of the candidate to attach the copies of the necessary documents with the application form.
  5. Submission of the forms – These enrollment documents must be submitted at the principal’s office. The principal needs to instruct the school inspector to scrutinize these papers.
  6. Forwarding the applications – The verified forms will be sent to the District Education officer. Once he verifies the enrollment papers and places his seal of approval, the final beneficiary list will be drafted.

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Demands of school headmasters

The recent application-related announcement from the Chief Minister has made matters difficult for the school headmasters. They have urged the education department and the CM to offer more time for uploading the details of the deserving students. They opine that calculating the attendance percentage, document verification and other scrutiny activities need time. 

The Andhra Pradesh finance and education department ministers have been working under the leadership of the Chief Minister to develop and implement an educational welfare scheme for the needy families. Finally, the activation of this project will bring a smile on the faces of the students and their parents, who belong to financially unsound categories. The monetary assistance paves the path for better education of the students.

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