Financial Assistance Scheme for Construction Labors in Delhi

Financial Assistance Scheme for Construction Labors in Delhi

While developed nations in the west are struggling to cope with the containment of the Coronavirus, the Indian government has already implemented complete lockdown in every state. The operations at all constructions sites have been halted till the mid-April. It means lakhs of construction workers are out of job. Most these workers earn their wages on a daily basis. Thus, it is obvious that they lack the financial soundness to wait out the pandemic viral outbreak. The Delhi government has announced a new scheme that will offer monetary grant for the construction workers. In this article, you will get details about the features, eligibility, necessary document, and the enrollment process.

Delhi government announces financial aids for construction workers

Name of the scheme Financial Assistance Scheme for Construction Labors
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of announcement 24th March 2020
Date of implementation Soon
Target beneficiaries Construction workers
Supervised by Government of Delhi


Key features of the scheme

  1. Offering financial security – The primary objective of the Delhi government is to provide financial assistance and security to the needy construction workers.
  2. Grant amount – A sum of Rs. 5000 will be offered to the construction workers, which have lost the opportunity to earn their livelihood.
  3. Payment frequency – The Chief Minister said that the beneficiaries will attain the perks on a monthly basis.
  4. Tenure of payment – The Delhi Chief Minister has mentioned that the government will continue to offer the specified financial grant to the beneficiaries, till the lockdown is in order.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of Delhi – The legal and permanent residents of Delhi will be allowed to partake in this scheme.
  2. Must be construction workers – Only those applicants, who are associated with the construction works, will be able to enroll for the scheme.
  3. Must be financially weak – It is necessary that the applicant belongs to the BPL or EWS categories to apply and attain the scheme perks.
  4. Must be registered with the unorganized association – To ensure that the genuinely needy people get the perks of this scheme, the guidelines highlight that the construction workers, who are registered with the unorganized sector associations.

Documents necessary for registration

  1. Residential document – Submission of the official residential documents will ensure that the legal inhabitants get the financial grant, as has been promised under this scheme.
  2. Identification documents – The candidate must provide a copy of their Aadhar Card to support their identity claims.
  3. BPL and EWS certificates – The applicant must submit a copy of the BPL or EWS certificate, as per their financial status.
  4. Certificate from the association – It is mandatory that the candidate must produce a certificate from the association for construction labors. Otherwise, the applicant will be barred from obtaining the financial grant.

How to attain application form and enroll for the scheme?

The Chief Minister of Delhi has released the details of the new scheme recently. He also stated that the necessary measures will be taken to ensure speedy implementation and fund distribution. But nothing has been mentioned about the application process. Once the scheme guidelines have been finalized, the enrollment details will be released. If you desire to know more about this project, then keep your eyes glued to our official portal.

It is a tough time for the common people of the nation. The central and the state government must work hand-in-hand to ensure the safety of the commoners. Development of the medical facilities will offer better treatment for the COVID – 19 patients. However, the lockdown has taken away the earning opportunities for many. The new scheme, announced by the Delhi Government will ensure that the needy construction workers do not suffer from the scarcity of funds to survive during these trying times.

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