Kerala government announcement for coronavirus

Kerala government announcement for coronavirus

Kerala state government has taken strict measures to cope up with the rising problem of the outbreak of coronavirus. To cope up with the present crisis, some of the announcements and benefits are offered to the underprivileged sections of the society. The vital announcement by the state higher authorities shall help to curb the spread of the virus. In this relation, CM of the state has asked people to stay away from the Bharani festival to be taken place at Kodungalloorto prevent the huge gathering of individuals. By offering financial help to people belonging to the financially challenged sections, the state is trying to cope up with the situation. The following part shall take you through other important details pertaining to the outbreak in Kerala.

Kerala government announcement for coronavirus

Announcement details

  • Kerala government has offered financial assistance of rupees 20000 crores to help the state overcome the hard times due to the virus outbreak.
  • It is further stated that 1000 hotels would be available at low-budget. Here, food would be available for rupees 20. However, the hotel would be opened throughout April and May.
  • The tax and charges of contract carriages for the auto-rickshaws and taxi owners would be waived off as announced by the CM of the state.
  • Consumers can clear water and electricity bills within a month.
  • Film theatres will be given entertainment tax waivers in the coming months.
  • In Kerala, five long-distance trains and eight-passenger trains have been cancelled under the Southern Railway.
  • Justice Amit Rawal has announced for the submission of tax motor vehicles owners and others to be continued till 4th of April.

Important point

  • Medical help offered tolower sections– The people belonging to SC or ST category is offered assisted and put under surveillance.They will be given medical help via district administration or the local self-government bodies in the state.
  • Food Kits to Senior Citizens– Individuals of tribal group above the age of 60 years will be given food kits of protein-rich food.The kit will contain 500 grams of different essential items like Bengal grams, jaggery, coconut oil, beans along and wheat. However, the individuals who lose a job due to the spread of this virus will be offered jobs under the MGNREGA Scheme.
  • Health package and loan – Due to the condition in the state, the multi-crores special package is amounting to rupees 500 crores, rupees 2000 crores of loans long with free ration service to the poor people.
  • Emergency services – To cope up with the virus outbreak in the state, helicopter service would be available as an emergency to bring in medicine and food for sick people in different places of the state.


  • Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that loans of rupees 2000 crores would be given to poor families throughthe all-women program of ‘Kudumbashree’ in upcoming months.
  • Rural employment guarantee program will be given that is worthy of rupees 1000 crores during April-May.
  • Benefits of social security pension of rupees 1320 crores will be offered in April and under this, near about 50 lakhs individuals will be benefitted in the state.
  • People belonging to the BPL category and cannot avail of the benefits of the social security scheme will be given rupees 1000 each. However, for this, a total of rupees 100 crores have been allotted in the state.
  • For the citizens belonging to the APL and BPL category, the state government will offer 10 kg of free ration. However, for this implementation, rupees 100 crores have been allotted by higher authorities.

Therefore, with necessary announcements and implementation in the state, Kerala CM is trying to offer the items of basic necessity at the time of the outbreak. Special offerings will be given to the people belonging to underprivileged sections of the society.

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