Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka samman Yojana (Build Toilets) in Bihar

Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka samman Yojana (Build Toilets) in Bihar

Sauchalay Nirman is yet another initiative by the Bihar government, after the central, to provide healthy sanitation to all the households in the state. The main concentration of the scheme is on the people from rural and remote rural area where more than 75% households still don’t have proper toilet system. Sauchalay nirman, ghar ka samman is one such initiative taken by Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar to provide healthier and more hygienic private toilets to the people living in slums and rural areas across the state.

In the month of September 2016 the scheme was launched in an event. It is said to be one of the 7 resolves that will be taken by the state government for the growth and development of the state. Along with this scheme the state government has also launched another scheme namely Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal.

Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka samman Yojana (Build Toilets)

Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal

This one is another scheme under the 7 resolves that launched with Sauchalay Nirman. Under this scheme the state government has promised to provide free drinking water to all the households who belong to below the poverty line or living in slums area where getting pure drinking water is challenging. Pure drinking water will be provided through taps.

Key Features

  • Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman is one of the 7 reforms that Bihar government has taken for the development of the state. The scheme has launched in September 2016.
  • Under this scheme the Bihar government will provide financial assistance to every household lives in slum or rural area where there is no private toilets.
  • The scheme will be aiming to provide healthier life to the inhabitants of the state by providing proper sanitization to the family, especially the female and kids of the family.
  • The scheme will be a part of 7 resolves schemes initiated by the Bihar government. Along with this scheme there is another scheme namely har ghar nal ka jal has also launched.
  • The scheme will be funded by the Bihar state government under the supervision of central government and the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.
  • Under this scheme the people who belong to below the poverty line or to low income group will be given a lump sum one time amount to build a private toilet attached to their house.

Objective of Sauchalay Nirman Scheme

  • Bihar government is keen to provide a healthy and hygienic life to the inhabitants of the state. The main aim of the scheme is to stop people to defecate in the open area.
  • The inhabitants, especially people who are living in slums and rural areas get affected by infections and diseases frequently due to open defecation. The scheme will be providing funds to build private toilets for all.
  • State government of Bihar is hoping to provide everyone a private toilet within the year 2019. The scheme has launched in this year only but under the supervision of Swacch Bharat campaign already 1 million toilets had built.
  • With this scheme and the Har ghar nal ka jal scheme Bihar government is aiming to bring up socio-economic growth and development for the state.
  • This scheme is also aiming at changing the mind of the people living in such areas. Survey says that these people don’t try to lead a better life as they are so used to unhealthy life. They defecate in open areas and don’t understand how important to have a private toilet. This scheme will help them to understand that.
  • This scheme will also help the inhabitants to avoid infections and health diseases like diarrheal infections and others. If there is no open defecation there will not be any diseases.

How the scheme will work

  • The scheme, Sauchalay Nirman is a yojana that does not just give a template or a plan but it actually helps to build a proper toilet. When Swacch Bharat campaign launched many a people started reacting to the campaign. On the contrary many people still don’t understand the importance of cleanliness around us.
  • According to the Bihar CM Shree Nitish Kumar, they are not spreading any awareness by this scheme but will directly provide financial help so that people can immediately start working on building the toilets. As mentioned people do not want to change their living standard and don’t understand the importance of hygiene. Due to this the state government has decided to give away fund to the households and supervise the work in progress to trigger the scheme.
  • Under this scheme every household will receive Rs. 12, 000/- to build a private toilet in their houses. The amount will be given to the citizens of Bihar only and to those who are living in slums and rural areas with no-sanitization system. By the end of the year 2019 the entire state will be covered and each house will have a private toilet across the state.
  • There will be a two sets of selection of villages under this scheme. In the first set 100 villages will be selected and 50 villages will be selected in second set. Gradually the funds will be disbursed for each set. As per the plan by the end of 2016 1000 villages will be covered.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan

The Sauchalay Nirman scheme is said to be the extension of the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. Before the sauchalay nirman scheme’s official launch, already 1 million toilets are being built by the central government under SBA. Though it is the extension of SBA however this scheme only concentrates on the sanitization in under developed areas not the other cleanliness campaign.

Sauchalay Nirman scheme is launched and started working under the supervision of the swacch bharat abhiyaan. The rules and regulations are almost same for the two schemes. The 7 resolves or 7 reforms schemes under state government of Bihar are also parts of Swacch Bhrata Campaign. Under SBA Rs. 4000/- has been given to the families to build toilets.

Smart City

The Modi government had declared about the Smart City a long time back. Under this title the central government will provide better sanitization, pure drinking water, clean roads, better amenities, developed communications, better transportation and roads and much more to the under developed areas of every state including Bihar and other less developed states.

Sauchalay Nirman scheme and Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal Scheme both of them are parts of this smart city plan. With these schemes Bihar government will provide better sanitization and pure drinking water to all the households across the state. Smart city campaign is funded by the central government. Also, if needed state government can contribute in funding too.


Sauchalay Nirman Scheme, as mentioned is an extension of Swacch Bharat campaign and also is a part of Smart City Plan. So the funding is partly done by the central government and partly by the state government.

In a recent report published by leading news paper in India that Nitish Kumar, the honourable Chief Minister, Bihar has said that he is not much happy with the fund released by the central government for the development of Smart City. According to the report central government has released Rs. 500 Cr for the next five years for the development of smart city and hence the Sauchalay Nirman Scheme. The Bihar government has declared that this much money will not help as the requirement is much bigger.

As said earlier in this article that the Bihar government has given Rs. 12, 000/- per household for the building of private toilets whereas the central has given only Rs. 4000/- for the same per household. After the official launch of the scheme the DM has released 2 Cr. 50 Lac rupees within 15 days for the scheme.

Marketing and Promotion

It is a big brand name that is involved in this scheme. Vidya Balan, one of the leading names in Hindi Film Industry is a brand ambassador for the scheme. Most of us have seen her on TV elaborating why people need proper sanitization and how hygiene is very important. The 1 minute ad films were shot to spread the awareness about the importance of the scheme. In one of the ad films it can be seen that how a daughter-in-law has returned back from her in-laws house because there is no sign of private toilets.

The scheme, before launching officially, was already promoted highly because of these ad films which were created to promote Swacch Bharat Campaign mostly. Currently a lot of states have taken this initiative as well and providing hygienic sanitization to the inhabitants of the state.

Some Details about the scheme

Scheme name Sauchalay Nirman, Ghar ka Samman
Launched on 28th September 2016
Launched in Bihar
Launched by Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar
Aim To provide private toilets to each household
Part of 7 resolves Schemes in Bihar
Financial assistance Rs. 12, 000/- per household
No of toilets One per house
Area of concentration Slums and rural areas across the state of Bihar
Targeted people Below the poverty line mainly including low income group and economically weaker section
Awareness About hygiene and healthy lifestyle
Stipulated time By 2019
Success Till now 1 million toilets have been built
Funding by State 2 Cr 50 Lac within 15 days
Target by 2016 1000 households
First set of selection 100 villages
Second set of selection 50 villages

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