Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) in Bihar

Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar (Apply Online)

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came into power in the year 2015 with his strong development concept of ‘SaatNischay’ or ‘7 points’. He said that with this seven resolves that he and his party has planned of, Bihar state would socio-economic development in the minimum time possible.

Nitish Kumar Seven Resolves (Saat Nischay) for Bihar

After coming into power Nitish Kumar has been putting quite some effort in making his seven points come true and o bring about quick and drastic development in the state of Bihar. The 7 resolves have already been declared in the state and efforts are being made to implement various scheme and initiatives that have been designed under the 7 resolves.

Budget allotted for the 7 resolves

The main objective of the 7 resolves is to strengthen the states infrastructures and to provide better qualification and skill development to the youth of the state so that more and more job opportunities are created and that leads to better living standards. This involves the development and improvement of a lot of factors and it surely requires a lot of investment.

Keeping this in mind the Chief Minister has allotted 2.7 lakh crore for this state initiative. Seeing the progressive nature of the initiative, the Prime Minster of India, Narendra Modi has also given 1.25 lakh crore for the 7 resolves.

What will be done under the 7 resolve?

The government of Bihar has listed down certain specific area which they need to cover in order to make the required improvement in the state. The agenda of the 7 resolves is ‘bijili, sadakaurpani’ and youth education, skill development and employment. Focus would also be put on women empowerment.

Detailed view on the seven resolves

  1. Road connectivity and drainage– there are many districts in Bihar that do not have transport or proper roads. And where there are proper roads there are not transport available. Because of this connectivity becomes a problem for the people in Bihar. So under the seven resolves road connectivity and drainage system would be improved. This would also lead to the growth of small and big industries and bring about employment opportunities. The scheme is called Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana.
  2. Toilets in all housesSauchalay Nirman Gharka Samman Yojana has been implemented in the state under which the objective would be to get rid of open defecation completely with the year 2019. Financial help will be provided to the household for constructing toilets inside the house.
  3. Providing clean drinking water to all– It has been noted that only 10% of the houses in Bihar has access to clean drinking water source within their house. So the plan is to provide all the household of Bihar with proper drinking water source inside their house. Pipelines would be connected for about 19.5 million household within 5 years’ time. This scheme name is Har Ghar Nal Ka Jal Yojana.
  4. Electricity to all– under this “Har Ghar Bijli Yojana” initiative it has been promised that the all the houses of Bihar will get proper electricity supply within the coming two years. Until the year 2011 it was noted that only 6.1% of the household in Bihar has electricity. A budget of Rs.55600 crore has been allotted for this initiative.
  5. Higher education– The Student Credit Card scheme has been implemented which would allow students to get financial help from the government for their higher studies in reputed colleges.
  6. Skill development leading to employment– Unemployment is a growing problem and the government of Bihar has decided to provide skill development classes to the youth of the state so that they can become better candidates for various jobs. Scheme such as Credit Card Loan scheme, Kushal Yuva Program, etc. have been implemented.
  7. Women empowerment- under the 7 resolves the focus would all be given on the empowerment of women. The State government has made 35% reservation for women in all state government jobs.

Nitish manage to succeed his 7 resolves which he promised during the past assembly election. It is be noticed how long those 7 resolves would be in practice and be successful.

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