Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project

Urja Ganga Gas Pipeline Project

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi take the target to make India most developed country on the map of globe. Under this scheme he always ready to give different scheme to country mates so that they can benefit of them and grow more.

Energy and get have great influence on the economics of a nation as lot of industry depends upon fuel and industry is back bone of any country. So if country has proper fuel resources then growth is sure. By keeping this kind of thinking in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches one of such scheme during his visit to his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi.

Urja Ganga in Varanasi

This scheme Urja Ganga was launched by the NDA government lead by Mr. Narendra Modi, along with several other schemes recently. On the occasion of the launch Mr. Modi declared his trust factor over the administration on the completion of this project. Around Rs. 5,000 Crores has been invested for this Urja Ganga project, he added while addressing to the people at the launch function. In this scheme a gas pipeline is put which will give piped cooking fuel to populace of this very oldholy place town as wellgiving to millions of customers in neighboring states.

S.No Facts about Urja Ganga Project Detailed Information
1 Project Name Urja Ganga Project
2 Launched by Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
3 Place where the Urja Project Launched Varanasi
4 Total distance covered by gas pipe line under this project 1500 Kms
4 Estimated budget for this scheme Rs.51,000 Crore
5 This Urji Project will be beneficial for which part of India Varanasi and Eastern India
6 Number of Households which would be benefited under this project Around 50,000
7 Number of Vehicles benefited under this project Around 20,000

In addition, in recent times, NDA government shows keen on launching several schemes and yojana for Indian people particularly for the peoples from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. After announcing about the Urja Project, Mr. Prime Minster laid the foundation stone for the second line rail line electrification process in between Allahabad – Varanasi route along by initiating the process for setting up the unpreserved consignment center at the Rajatalab Railway Station.

He said to the people that govt is trying their best to fulfill the entire basic requirement and for this purpose he gives gifts of these schemes so that all people can take benefits of basic requirement. He said the real plan of government plan is appropriateimplementation and movingpeople’s lives. For this he gives grand of Rs 5,000 crore for the people of Kashi.

In the Urja Ganga a 2540 km long gas pipeline which will guarantee supply of clean and eco  friendly fuel to at least seven main cities – Varanasi, Patna, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack .

This is estimated that project will get complete in 2020, after that people can get gas supply at their houses itself. It will surely give lot of benefits and also help renewal of a number of decliningfertilizerindustrialized units. In this scheme not only houses get the piped natural gas but approximate half a million vehicles to switch over to CNG mode so also the problem of fuel which is big in our country these days.During his this visit modi also put a stone for the 120kmlong VaranasiMadhosinghAllahabad railway line that will cost approximate Rs 750.66 crore.

This project is mainly launch to give a major step towards combineddevelopment and expansion of the Eastern region of India. Once this project is completed approximate 20 lakh households will get PNG connections at very reasonable rates and many vehicle convert to CNG mode.

Aim and Objectives of Urja Ganga Project

  • The main objective of launching this Urja Ganga gas pipeline Project is to offer proper good cooking gas and to improve the living standards of the people in Varanasi within next two years. Also the gas pipeline project will offers various benefits for the states which is travels and covers millions of peoples in the states like West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and so.
  • Because of this project about 800 kilometers of pipeline would be putjust only in Varanasi region and profit about 50,000 households and 20,000 vehicles for PNG and CNG correspondingly. The project would also allow the accessibility of approximate 5 Lakh LPG gas cylinders to therustic population in next 5 years. Set up of 20 CNG stations for vehicle is also the part of project to solve the problem of diesel and patrol.
  • Because of this Urja Ganga project the closed factory of Gourkpur will start again and people will get employment again in this factory
  • This Urja Ganga gas pipeline project would be beneficial for around 20 Lakh families in those eastern parts of the India. Cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Kolkata, Patna, Varanasi and others would the main recipient of this Urja Ganga Project.
  • This pipeline will supply both Fuel Gas and CNG.As CNG is also supplied to vehicle under this project so pollution will decrease as there is large number of fuel operated vehicle in the city.CNG operated vehicle also save lot of cash as CNG vehicle are cheap compare to fuel operated vehicles. Finally the economics of country get improved
  • In addition to the features included in Urja Ganga Project, current NDA government plans to amend 5 more industry in the routes selected for laying Urja Ganga gas pipeline project. The pipeline would be more than 2500 kilometers long and travels across the 5 states.

Launch of Urja Ganga Project

To enhance the life site of his region Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this project will be completed in the next 2 years and lot of people will get benefits from this scheme. The respective authority has given budget of Rs. 51,000 crore to complete this project. He expect that this plan will e completed in next 2 years and after that people will get gas at their houses and they will get free from many hassle which they face during the filling of cylinder. Also free from risk related to cylinders. The pipeline network will be used to supply clean fuel to the end consumers in the city.

Detail of Pipeline of Urja Ganga Project

This project will cost total Rs. 51,000 crore and will be total 1,500 km covered long gas pipeline along with gas stations at different locations. People of villages near to the region also get benefited because of this project. And it is assumed that almost all the houses will get benefit from the gas connection as this will be very reasonable to the people.

In Varanasi alone the length of pipeline will be 800 kilometers which will be put under the plan to give benefits to about 50,000 households of Varanasi and nearby region. Approximate 20,000 vehicles for PNG and CNG correspondingly get benefited because of this project and hence reduced the pollution and solve the problem of fuel. Urga Ganga project would also allow the accessibility of approximate 5 Lakh LPG gas cylinders to the rustic population in the coming 5 years. Also constructing new 20 CNG station will be included in this project, owing to this around 2600 villages from more than 20 districts would be benefited on gaining CNG and also LPG gas under this new Urja Ganga Project. The new station will be positioned on suitable places where it doesn’t harm the peoples’ routine life.

Fist face of the project will start in December 2018 and only in Varanasi about 1000 crore will spend on this project. Other then Varanasi other 5 state will also get benefited because of this project. The Urja Ganga project appropriately conveys the payback that people of Varanasi will take pleasure in once the infrastructure of this project is put in place. Varanasi, as a result becomes the first city in the government’s enlargement roadmap of Eastern India. The gas pipeline and supporting transportation will give advantage 36.8 lakh people residing in the city of the temples. Once this project will start after that city of temple will convert in high profile cities as it is thinking

Length of gas pipeline in different state:

  • In UP length of gas line will be laid of the distance of338 KM, which will no doubt on fulfilling the requirements of public.
  • Similarly, the Bihar statewill get around441 km gas pipe line under the Urja Ganga project, in which rural area also included.
  • Jharkhand is a state in eastern India. Under the Urja Ganga project Jharkhand state gas pipe line length will be 500 KM, which will work for the growth of state.
  • West Bengal is also a state in eastern India, located between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal.This state get pipe line of 542 KM
  • One of another state who will get benefited by prime minister Urja Ganga project and this state get benefited by 718 KM pipe line 

Project guideline for Varanasi City:

This project is basically launched for the city Varanasi which is also known as city of temples. Varanasi will get the following benefit because of this project

  • Pipeline network will be 800 inch and made up of steel. Because of its steal material it is durable and hard in nature so not easily breakable
  • 20,000Vehicles will get CNG because of this project so lot of people will get work as CNG is cheaper than the diesel and patrol.
  • 20 lakh people of Varanasi city is affected by Urja Ganga project as length of Varanasi city is approximate 1535km. Approximate all the families will benefit of this project
  • 20 new CNG station will be build in Varanasi itself and Total amount for project is 1000 crore which will finally give more output to people 

Benefits of the projects

  • Approximate, around6,500people will get the work as Industry will get more resourcesbecause of this Prime Minister Narendra Modi Urja Ganga project
  • Supply of CNG in Hotel and in Diary will also get benefited because of this project. So lot of people will employment in Hotel and in Diary business
  • Traffic problem will also solved out and people will also get rid from smell and pollution as supply of gas is underground. So this scheme will be very helpful for nature.
  • Assurance will be provided by the respective authority about‘no leakage’ of gas in pipes andin addition, around5 lakh new gas cylinders to be sent to rural areas annually under Urja Ganga project

No doubt Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch these project to get benefit in the next election but they also give benefit in growth of country. People should sport to him so that our country will appear on the map of globe and all Indian will get benefitted by basic requirement especially from the rural areas


The launch of the Urja Ganga project would not only ensure the household members health safety by providing clean fuel, but also this project helps to maintain eco-balance by making people to skip woods as their cooking fuel.

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