Haryana Krishak Upahar Yojana

Haryana Krishak Upahar Yojana

Being the biggest strength of the Indian economy, Agricultural sector needs more care. Indian government is well aware of this fact and hence they leave no stone unturned to encourage farmers across the nation. In last couple of years the Modi government has done splendid job to accommodate farmers in all respect and boost up the agricultural production. Apart from central government individual state governments have also taken several steps to encourage state-wise agricultural productivity. Among all one such initiative is Krishak Upahar Yojana in Haryana.

Under this scheme farmers will receive gifts from the government to take their products to the mandis or markets. The price system will encourage them to market their products more than what they did earlier. With this scheme farmers of Haryana will get more exposure to the market and hence the productivity of the agricultural measures will boost up.

Haryana Krishak Upahar Yojana

Key Features

  • Haryana government has launched the Krishak Upahar Yojana in the year 2015 on 2nd of October. Under the scheme the farmers across the state will get prizes on the sale of their products in mandis.
  • The scheme was fully funded by the state government of Haryana. There will be lottery or lucky draw system through which the farmers will get a chance to win grand prize.
  • Government of Haryana has released Rs. 12 Cr as the annual price to the farmers under the scheme. The lottery or lucky draw will take place twice a year.
  • The lottery system will be held on district levels. More than two districts come together to participate in the lottery or lucky draw system to know the winner of the yojana.
  • Mandis, businessmen, land owners and such are the parts of the scheme. These are the heads of the scheme and with their help the competition will be executed for the farmers.
  • The scheme is launched to encourage the farmers to market their products in good and high price. In total 27 mandis have been developed in recent past where the farmers can get better price for their goods.
  • To execute this scheme all the mandis across the state have become e-mandis and successfully linked with the biggest platform National Agricultural Market. By doing so the farmers can get a chance to earn more for their products.
  • The scheme is eligible for the private procurement of produce except for purchased at MSP. The yojana is not for all the farmers living in the state.
  • The lucky draw will take place twice a year. In every 6 months district-wise lucky draw will be held. The farmers will be given coupons to take part in competition.


  • The main objective of the scheme is to encourage farmers to market their products more. Also as mentioned that the prizes will be given on the basis of the sale of the products, so the scheme will help the farmers to get high price.
  • It has seen that many a farmer get exploited when the private dealers intervene in trading the crops. The profit oriented private dealers pay lower than what they deserve for their final products. With this scheme now the farmers can directly sell their products in mandis. So there will not be any chance of being cheated.
  • With the scheme the market exposure of the sale of the agricultural products will get spread and hence the farmers will get more chances to increase their productivity. Also they will be able to earn high profit.

Selection for Prizes – Lucky Draw System

The competition for the prizes will be held on the basis of lottery system. Each and every eligible farmer will be given a coupon. Farmers who will be able to sell his products of worth Rs. 5000/-, will be given a ‘J’ Form. This form will be considered as the coupon for the lottery. Coupons will be provided in every Rs. 5000/- sale for each farmer. More the sale more number of coupons a farmer can earn from the mandi.

Depending on these coupons the lucky draw will take place and the lucky winner will be awarded by prizes related to agricultural equipments and such. The lottery will be held on district-wise and will take place twice in a single year. Though there is not any information about the time of the draw but it was already declared that the draw will take place in every six months of time.

The prizes

There will be 3 tiers of prizes will be given under this scheme such as 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize. There will be 2 1st prizes worth of Rs. 40, 000/- per prize. There will be 8 2nd prizes worth of Rs. 25, 000/- per prize and finally there will be 12 3rd prizes worth of Rs. 10, 000/- per prize.

This prize money will not be given in the form of cash. It will be provided as kinds. The prizes include tractors, fertilizers, pesticides, threshers, tilling machine, leveller, Ridger, cultivators and Harrow and such. These agricultural equipments will be provided to the farmers who will win the lucky draw. There will not be any prize money or cash provided to the winners.

Funding and Prize Money

As mentioned earlier in this article that the funding will be done by the state government solely. The Haryana government has declared that annually worth of Rs. 12 Cr will be given to the farmers as winning prizes. There will be 32, 072 prizes will be distributed among the farmers who will be able to win the competition.


The farmers who will be earning more than Rs. 5000/-, will be able to participate in the competition and can win the prizes. There is no fixed eligibility criterion in this scheme however it has announced that only private procurement of product that are not purchased at minimum support prices will be eligible for the competition hence the scheme.

Every farmer who is fulfilling the procurement of produce and earn more than 5000/- by selling his products, will be the beneficiary under this scheme.

Failure of the Scheme

Unfortunately the scheme could not perform as it had promised. From the beginning farmers who are waiting for the winners to be announced are facing several problems. As per some of the experts the scheme is wrongly planned and executed. Therefore the net result is zero for the scheme.

  • At the first place the scheme is restricted for private procurement of produce, not for all the farmers who are engaged in any kind of farming in the state of Haryana.
  • Secondly as per the scheme it will be biased towards the farmers who are producing more than the other farmers. As it depends on the sale of the products that means whoever will sell more will manage to get more coupons. Therefore it is normal that the person with more coupons have more chances of winning the prizes than anyone else.
  • The scheme says farmers will get the prizes on the basis of lucky draw and it will be happened district-wise. That means if a particular farmer gets large number of coupons, say 40-50 then the chances of winning the prize for him will be more than anyone and it can happen every time the lottery takes place.
  • From the government’s side it has been seen that only 42 thousand coupons have been released when the number of forms submitted is 75 thousand. Many a people have asked for the coupons but could not get any as of now. The authorities have said that once the coupons will be arrived, farmers will get them immediately.
  • One of the farmers told a newspaper that he has earned 40 coupons by making sale of Rs. 2 Lac. But he has no idea when will the lottery take place or ever the lucky draw will happen or not. The scheme has already launched a long time back but there is not any news of lucky draw or lottery.

Haryana Krishak Upahar Scheme – At a glance

Launched in Haryana, Indian
Launched by State government of Haryana
Initiated By Ministry of Agriculture, Haryana
Launched on 2nd October 2015
Beneficiaries Farmers
Aim Encourage the price of agricultural product
Prize money Annually worth of Rs. 12 Cr.
Prizes Agricultural equipments
Competition Lucky draw / lottery
Time Twice a year / every six months
Process District-wise

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