Central Staffing Scheme 2020

Central Staffing Scheme 2020

Central Staffing Scheme has been around for several decades now and most of you probably already know about it. However, those of you who are not aware of what the CSS is all about, this article provides comprehensive information about the entire scheme and its process. We will try to keep it short and simple, avoiding unnecessary complications as far as possible.

Central Staffing Scheme

So, what really is Central Staffing Scheme?

Central government of India is known to appoint people officers to Deputy Secretary post, Director post and Joint Secretary post. However, not everyone is allowed to apply for it. These are highly prestigious posts with a special set of requirements. Central Staffing Scheme allows the government to scan and appoint people using a systematic setup. There are only 36 services that are included in the Central Staffing Scheme. These services include IPS, IAS, IFS etc. In short, only Group A services are included in CSS. People who are already serving in these Group A services can use and online platform to apply for the post provided they fulfill the required eligibility criteria.

How to apply for Central Staffing Scheme?

As mentioned, you can apply for Central Staffing Scheme provided:

  • You are already serving in any of the Group A services.
  • You fulfill all eligibility criteria.

In case you are eligible, here is what you need to do:

  • In case you are an IAS office, head for this link.You will need to login to be able to do anything on this site. However, there is no registration process available. In order to get the login ID and password, you will need to send an email to persinfotech@nic.in where you need to mention your Full Name, Your Allotment Year and Your Cadre. You will then receive a reply email where your login ID and password will be mentioned.

In either case, you will have to mention all details such as qualification, personal data, experience and training etc. Once you submit the application, it will reach a nodal officer of Cadre Controlling Authority of the cadre you belong to. The authority will then validate your application and verify the details you provided in the application.

The authority will also be responsible for entering other details like ACR for every individual officer submitting the application, Central Deputation debarment as wells as disciplinary cases or vigilance cases. Once the details are entered, they will be transmitted to DOPT or the Department of Personnel and Training. This transfer will take place electronically. The DOPT will then be responsible for issuing orders of posting to officers who have been selected.

So, the Central Staffing Scheme is essentially a very structured approach that will help in selecting the right candidate. People who do not belong to any of the 36 participating services are not eligible for applying. In case your application gets rejected in the year you applied for and you want to apply once again, you need to submit the application form again in the year you want to reapply for CSS.

Well, that’s pretty much the basics of Central Staffing Scheme. In case you need further information or want to go through current circulars, feel free to head for this link. Anything that is new and requires attention will have a red, green and blue flashing text icon which reads ‘NEW’. The site also contains links to the questions that are frequently asked as well as a link to help documents related to online application just in case you need it.


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