Balri Rakshak Scheme Yojana Punjab

Balri Rakshak Scheme Yojana Punjab

While the entire nation is concentrating on the tag line ’Save the Girl Child’, the state of Punjab is more interested in giving away medical help to the infants of the states. It has been said by the doctors that infants, preferably under 5 years’ kids, have more prone to get infectious than the adults. In this regard the Punjab state government has started a scheme in the year 2005 called Balri Rakshak Yojana where each girl child used to get Rs. 500 per month for medical sterilization. But unfortunately the scheme has stopped in 2014 and replaced with another new health scheme in the same year.

Balri Rakshak Scheme and Implementation

  • Balri Rakshak Scheme has started in the state of Punjab in the year 2005 under the state government supervision. According to the scheme each household who has one or more girl child will get Rs. 500/- per month per girl for sterilization. The scheme was for all the girls under 18 years at the first place.
  • The scheme was in action for 9 years that is till 2014, when the state ran out of budget for the scheme. Overall 650 families had been benefitted under this scheme. The response was not up to the mark for the scheme.

Balri Rakshak Scheme

Reasons behind failure of Balri Rakshak Yojana

The scheme didn’t manage to gather positive response from the state. Only 650 families in 9 years have benefitted from the scheme. There are two reasons that are prominently visible behind the failure of the scheme. Many people weren’t interested to co-operate with the scheme as they are least bothered about the health of the girl child. Also due to budget issue the project got stopped in 2014.

New Health Scheme and Implementation

  • After shelving the Balri Rakshak Yojana in the year 2014, the new health scheme has launched by the state government of Punjab. The new scheme stated that every girl child aged less than 5 years will get free medical treatment. As the doctors depict that the infants who are ageing between 0 to 5 years are mostly prone to catch infections. Under this scheme instead of sterilizing the children (girl) will get free medical treatment.
  • The scheme was launched in the year 2014 and within 2 years it has become more popular among the families. The scheme till now has benefitted 50, 000 families in last two years. the response came from each sector was positive and also the families are keen to take their girl child to the hospitals for checkups these days.

Response from the state

As mentioned in the previous scheme the sate was little taken-a-back whereas the new scheme was highly popularised in two years. There was positive response from every corner of the state for the new scheme. Over 50,000 families have benefitted as it has been seen that a lot of families do not wish to spend a penny on girl child’s health and medical purpose.

Scheme Balri Rakshak Yojana New Health Scheme
Launched 2005 2014
Objective Rs. 500/- per month to each girl child for sterilization Free medical treatment for girls under 5 years’ age
Benefits 650 families 50,000 families
Duration 9 years Continues

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