Women Entrepreneurship Platform Registration

Women Entrepreneurship Platform Registration NITI Aayog

In response to the meeting held over the topic challenges faced by the women on entering into entrepreneurship during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that held on post year 2017 November.  The Think Tank of the India, National institution of Transforming India NITI Aayog, has kicked off the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP).

Women Entrepreneurship Platform by NITI Aayog

WEP is a non-profit organization that helps women to drive towards the entrepreneurship. In literal, in knowledge based web portal where women can able to get all the information and interaction to the expertise person who can guide them towards the entrepreneurship.

Launch Details

Mr. Amitabh Kant who is the current CEO of the NITI Aayog on the day of International women’s day which is 08th of March 2018 has launched this WEP platform at nation’s capital.  The WEP platform has been launched in the nation in order to develop the ecosystem of entrepreneurship among the women across the nation.

During the launch event, the Indian based pop-rock singer and also a well known Bollywood playback singer Kailash Kher has released the theme song ‘Naari Shakti’ for WEP.  In addition to that, the event also includes the announcement of year the 2018th nominees for the Women Transforming India Award.

Expectation on Launching WEP

During the event, Ms Anna Roy one among the heads of NITI Aayog has quoted that the newly released WEP will act as a medium for Indian women to step into the entrepreneurial world. By doing so, the entire nation will get empowered and we can experience a dynamic new India in nearby future.

With the implementation of the WEP, the bottleneck situation faced by the women on stepping in the business line, in order to avail all the benefits offered by the WEP women are advised to get themselves registered in the official portal of WEP.

How to get registered with WEP?

Well, the registration process of WEP is fully carried in online, by visiting the official portal of WEP women who are willing to enter into entrepreneurship can register. Below listed steps are to be followed for registration.

  1. At first women who are talented and having a unique innovative business idea are needed to visit the official portal of WEP (Women Entrepreneurship Platform), which is https://www.wep.gov.in/.
  2. In the home page, you can find the REGISTER button at the right corner of the website, by doing so you can able to view the online registration form.
  3. Make sure you have all the required details for filling that registration form including the PAN and GSTIN numbers. Afterwards enter those in relevant field and click the Submit button which is positioned at the page bottom.
  4. After successful submission, you will get the unique alpha numeric unique code which will be your unique ID. By using that Unique ID you can able to access future services of WEP and also to apply for the WTI awards in upcoming years.

Three Pillars of WEP (Women Entrepreneurship Platform)

As far as the details reviled from the official website of WEP, the online portal is purely functions on basis of 3 pillars Iccha Shakti, Gyan Shakti and karma Shakti. The brief about those 3 pillars are detailed below.

  • Ichha Shakti: It’s the first pillar which drives the women across the nation to start their own business in any sector by increasing their will power and by boosting aspiration.
  •  Gyan Shakthi: It’s the second pillar, where women entrepreneurs will get all the needed support and essential aid from the experts to develop their entrepreneurship skills.
  • Karma Shakti: It’s the Final Pillar, where the women entrepreneur can avail the support from the experts on establishing their businesses. Also the NITI Aayog will help them to scale their business.

Key points and Highlighting Features

  • The official site of WEP https://www.wep.gov.in/ will be the platform for promoting and creating awareness over all the welfare schemes which are launched specially for women empowerment by both central and state governments.
  • So, far the services which are offered by the NITI Aayog on helping women under the WEP can be availed fully at no cost. Also, it offers enough space for women who got succeed in business through WEP to share their stories to other young aspiring women across the nation.
  • The higher officials of the central government and also from the NITI Aayog has pointed that there will be more update will take place in the official website of WEP with the intension of providing better services and support to the women entrepreneurs of India.

Onbording Experts to guide women Entrepreneurs in WEP

In order to provide better support to the women business person, the WEP has decided to tie-up with several fortune companies, ventures and also with the several leading Industrial bodies. Some of the high notch fortunes are Facebook, SIDBI, CRISIL, NASSCOM, DICE, FICCI, Mann Foundations, Shopclues, CII, and CRISIL, many others.

Each and every fortune companies plays a different role on helping women over their entrepreneurial ecosystem, some of them are briefed below

  • CRISIL: One of the global leading companies in the field of analytics, offering its services in form of rating, predicting risks, evaluating credit factor and so over the Start-ups of the women under WEP
  • DICE: DICE one of the New York City based career Development Company, offers its services of improving the sales and development operations of the businesses started by women under WEP. Also, they offer Rs. 10 Cr as investment in WEP for developing opportunities.
  • Mann Foundations (DESHI): Mann Deshi foundation is fully dedicated for the improvement of the rural women in economically. Here they play a dedicated role of providing digital and financial literacy to the women beneficiaries of WEP.
  • Other Corporates: The remaining partners or onboarding experts like shopclues.com, NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, SIDBI, Facebook will play a role of internship and dedicated medium for business acceleration and also act as the mentorship the to the women who started their business with the aid of WEP.

The impact of WEP over the women across the nation on business sector will be huge in nearby future and it is assured that the today’s participants in WEP will be role models of the upcoming participants of WEP on following years.



To bring more women into self-employment and empowerment, the central government has been working in close association with NITI Aayog. The body has already launched a new platform for helping women who are interested in opening their own business. The Women Entrepreneurship Platform or the WEP is a portal that will offer assistance, knowledge and training to women who desire to make their mark in the business sector. To promote these ideas, and reach commoner, NITI Aayog uses young leaders and actors as its spokesperson. Recently, it came out with an announcement that hence forth, actor Sushant Singh Rajput will promote and popularize the WEP, to give it maximum exposure.

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