Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana in Jharkhand 2022

Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana in Jharkhand 2022 (Protsahan Rashi to Girls) [Apply, Eligibility, Online Application Form]

The Mukhymantri Sukanya Yojana has been launched by Jharkhand government that has been aimed for better future of girl child in the state. In addition, the scheme will protect girl child from child marriage and provide them adequate nutrition. Under the Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana, girls born in this state will attain monetary grants. The money will be distributed in several installments. The payment has been planned in phases. Each phase has been timed meticulously so that female applicants can complete their education, without worrying about money.

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Details of the scheme

Name Jharkhand Mukhymantri Sukanya Yojna
Who has announced the plan CM Raghubar Das
When to start planning January 2019
Who are the special beneficiaries Girls up to 18 years
Tollfree helpline number Not applicable
Online portals Not applicable

Benefits of Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana Jharkhand

  1. Development of girl children – The primary objective of this new scheme is to pave the path for better female development in the area. This will not be possible without adequate financial assistance. Thus, the state will offer money to female candidates at various ages.
  2. Lowering MMR and IMR – Lack of facilities, financial soundness and awareness paved the path for a very high Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate. With the implementation of this scheme, the state will also be able to put a stopper on these issues.
  3. Reducing child marriage – Poor families see female children as burdens, and try to arrange their marriage as soon as possible. With regular financial aid, there will be a shift in the viewpoint. It will lower the overall child marriage rate significantly.
  4. Discouraging school dropouts – Financial constrains often place hurdles in the path of a girl child’s educational journey. When these families get monetary assistance from the state, the girls will be able to complete their academic dreams.
  5. Payment through DBT – All financial transfers will be made by the state authority via Direct Benefit Transfer. With DBT, only authentic beneficiaries will attain the financial grant, directly in their respective bank accounts.
  6. Total cash offered – All female children, born in this state will attain as much as Rs. 30000 from birth to 18 years. In case the applicant does not tie the knot even at the age of 20 years, Jharkhand authority will offer additional Rs. 10000. This money will help the candidates to start something professionally. Thus, the total benefit comes to Rs. 40,000
  7. Special focus on areas – The state authority will offer more focus on 5 districts. High percentage of the population in these areas is uneducated and poor. The implementation of this scheme will be done intensively in these areas to reach out to a maximum number of beneficiaries.
  8. Total number of beneficiaries – The implementation of this scheme is targeted towards the poor and needy applicants. With the implementation of this scheme, 36.57 lakh applicants will attain the monetary benefits.

Age wise financial benefit

Sl. No. Age of the female child Financial Grant
1 From Birth to 2 Years Rs. 5000
2 During admission in 1st standard Rs. 5000
3 During admission in 6th standard Rs. 5000
4 After successfully completing 8th standard Rs. 5000
5 After successfully completing 10th standard Rs. 5000
6 After successfully completing 12th standard Rs. 5000
Till 18 years of age Rs. 30,000
7 From 18 to 20 years of age

(for unmarried applicants)

Rs. 10,000
Total financial assistance Rs. 40,000

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential criterion – All budgetary requirements, associated with the implementation of this scheme will be tackled by the current Jharkhand government. Thus, children born in this state will be eligible for this scheme. They must have legal residential documents.
  2. Age proof – Only those girls will be able to apply for the scheme who are less than 18 years of age. Thus, parents must submit age details when filling in the application form.
  3. Academic certificates – Applicants will be able to attain the specified financial amounts only if they continue their educational journey. Applicants will have to submit the copies of passing mark sheets, when applying for the next financial grant.
  4. Account details – It has already been mentioned that the state authority will make all financial grant payments via DBT. So, it is mandatory for all interested parents to open an account in the name of the girl child. While applying, parents must offer account number, bank and branch name, branch code etc.

Registration Form process under Chief Minister Sukanya Yojana

The state government has not yet released any information about the registration of the scheme. As the scheme will benefit people living in rural areas, it is expected that the government will keep option for both online and offline registration procedures. Once the state government highlights the details of the enrollment procedure, you will get it on this site. The scheme has just been announced. The authority will require some time to plan the implementation strategies. The success of this project will depend on sound implementation.

However, several schemes are coming up by the initiative of central government, and most of them are aimed to improve the condition of women in the state. It is further known that more benefits will be given to women under the above-said scheme. By uplifting the condition of women, they will be able to set their career effectively. In turn, they will be able to make proper earning for a standard living.

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