Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana [Apply]

Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana 2019 (शिशु हितलाभ योजना) [Application Form and How to Apply]

The state government of UP has launched a new scheme termed as Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana. Sources have also stated that the entire scheme shall be supervised by the state government. The scheme, shishu hitlaabh yojana offers financial assistance to the new parents in order to provide sufficient nutrient to the new born child. The scheme was purposely launched for offering nutritious food the new born infants of the beneficiary parents who are from economically weaker class and who are eligible.  

Uttar Pradesh Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana [Apply upbocw.in]

Features of the Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana

  • Under this scheme, the eligible beneficiary will get the financial assistance of rupees 10 thousand on yearly basis for their child up to their age 2. And for the girl child beneficiary will get the sum amount of Rs. 12K per annum.
  • The scheme will offer complete nutritional benefit for each worker who deserves and registered with welfare board for construction worker for daily wages.
  • The beneficiary will be able to claim for complete benefit of the new scheme right after the child has been born and his birth certificates has been deposited by the parents.

Eligibility criteria For Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana

  • Only for registered worker – All the registered workers from the state Uttar Pradesh irrespective on gender basis which means male or female new parent can able to avail financial benefits from the state government of UP.
  • Only for UP peoples – In order to get complete benefit under the scheme the beneficiary has to be a resident of the state. So he may have to provide with his certificate of domicile for Uttar Pradesh state.
  • The government has also announced that the benefit will be provided only for family members who are having not more than two children.

Important Documents

  • Beneficiaries are required to submit the certificate provided by the relevant medical officer pointing out the scheduled delivery date of the worker’s child.
  • To receive financial benefits new parent supposed to provide request letter to the concern authority so that the beneficiary amount of Rs. 1000 will be offered on yearly basis for first year.
  • And to receive the financial support offered by the state government under this scheme, the respective beneficiary needs to provide the certificate of living proof of the child from the respective medical officer.

Application Form and How to apply

  • In order to apply under the scheme for registration, the beneficiary will have to complete the process of application in two stages. The application should be submitted by the member of the family right before completion of a year after delivery.
  • The application letter has to be submitted to DDO (District Development Officer) within their respective Labor office. The application can also be submitted at Tehsil’s office to the Tehesildar and DBO (Development Block Office).
  • In return it is clear that an attested copy of the application letter will be provided back to the parent or family member making the request that has to be maintained with them for verification.
  • In order to get the benefit under the scheme for the consecutive year the parent will have to submit a copy of certificate issued claiming the well being of the child.
  • When claiming it is necessary that the parent has to attach a copy of birth certificate and delivery certificate for the same child along with the application letter.
  • The request letter can be submitted within one year time and in case of delay in submission a deduction of Rs 1000 for each month will be valid by the government.

With the vision of reducing the malnutrition child birth in the state, the initiative taken by the state government is highly praised by the social activities in the state. By launching this Shishu Hitlaabh Yojana, the UP state government becomes the first state to provide financial assistant for providing nutritious food for new born child.



You will get more information from here http://www.upbocw.in/StaticPages/child_benefit.aspx73 lakh 41 thousand rupees were given to 625 beneficiaries under the Shishu Hitlabh Yojana.

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