Pradhan Mantri Sauchalay Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Sauchalay Yojana Free Toilet Scheme IHHL Online Form 2018

Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the Indian Government has launched a new scheme under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The new scheme termed as Pradhan Mantri Sauchalay Yojana is a scheme that is more focused on constructing of Toilets for free in various house holds that lack the facility of Toilets in home. The scheme is implemented under IHHL (Individual House Hold Latrine) for the year 2017.

Name Pradhan Mantri Sauchalay Yojana
Launched By Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
Announced Date Independence Day in 2014
Supervised By Urban Development Ministry And Sanitation and drinking water Ministry
Official Site

Key Features of the Abhiyan

  • First and the foremost important features of the new scheme is that it has been launched with an aim to help provide with sanitation facilities to households especially in Urban areas that lack toilets in their homes.
  • Due to financial conditions most urban people are not able to construct toilets in their homes and are forced to defecate outside in open places. Under the new scheme it is certain that the government shall be offering with financial assistance to such people so they can construct toilets in their homes.
  • Under the new scheme it is certain that that the government has announced that it shall be offering urban people with assistance of Rs 4000 that they can use for the construction of the toilets in their homes.
  • The government has also made it very clear that it shall make the country open defecation free by the year 2019 under the swachh bharat abhiyan.
  • The government has also set up its official website for anyone who wants to take the benefit of the scheme for the construction of the toilet.

Eligibility Criteria

  • According to the officials it is certain that the house hold who needs to take the benefit under the scheme should not have toilet facility at their home. The government has already stated that the benefit will be offered to any home lacking toilet facility irrespective of the location.
  • The household can be located in authorized or unauthorized area or even in the dwelling slum area, shall be provided with the benefit under the scheme.
  • It is also certain that financial assistance for construction of toilets will only be provided to people belonging to backward class and below income group who are not able to afford the cost of construction of toilets at home.

Pradhan Mantri Sauchalay Yojana Application Form 2018

  • The format for application form for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is very much simple as applicants just need to create their Login id and Password before getting started with filling in all details in official website
  • Once you have created your login id and PW you just have to download the PDF format of the application form and fill in all details required. Direct link – Application form 
  • First you have to provide with your state, District, Block, Tehsil, Town or City and ward details.
  • The selection for each can be made from the drop down menu provided next to each tab.
  • Next you have to provide with Toilet owners details like Name, Profession, Father’s and Mother’s name, residential address, contact details (Mobile and land line ) number and valid Aadhar card number.
  • The applicants then have to provide with details related to the bank including Bank A/c number, Branch and bank name (to be selected from drop down menu).
  • Next under status of existing toilets you have to make a selection of one option from Non existing type, dry type latrine, bahao or unsanitary type.
  • Once all details have been filled in you just have to acknowledge the application form and then submit. You may have to provide with at least two references including names and contact details.

How to register under the scheme

Even before you can apply under the scheme (IHHL) for conversion or construction you may have to create your login ID and PW on official IHHL website. Once created, you can then upload your application form on the website.

1          Getting your login ID

  • If you are already having your login ID then you can use it to login to the website, if not then you may have to create one as a new user or applicant.
  • Once on the home page as new applicant you may have to select fill registration option from the home page.
  • On the tabs provided you have to enter your name or applicants name, mobile phone number that is valid which will be used for receiving the OTP when generated or to check the status of your application.
  • You also have to provide with your prime email ID so OTP can be forwarded to you.
  • Next you have to enter your residential address including state where you reside. The selection can only be made from the drop down menu provided.
  • You then have to make the selection of ID type and in the next tab you have to enter the ID number provided and then verify by entering the verification code provided.

Once all details have been provided you simply have to click on the register option and check with your email for verification code provided.

2          Registration process using login ID

You can get official entry to IHHL portal using the Login ID. You just have to enter the login ID details under the applicants login part and verification code. Then you shall be forwarded with OTP after you send request for generating OTP. The OTP shall be forwarded to your email id and you have to enter it for verification. After that you have to click the log in option.

Once the process of OTP confirmation is completed you shall be diverted towards the application form where you shall be able to view your login Details. It is certain that you may have to fill in all possible details asked as below.

(A) Particulars of Geographical AREA

1          State name – The name will be the same that you might have selected at the time of registration by default.

2          District Name – This selection is to be made from the drop down menu provided with complete list of each district in your state.

3          Name of ULB – Now you have to make the selection of ULB name from various options provided for your district from the drop down menu box.

4          Ward – From the drop box you have to select your respective ward. You can also reach the ULB officials in case your ward number is missing from the list provided.

(B) Particulars of Toilet Owners

1          Applicants Name– In his section you have to enter your name if you are the applicant. It is important that the name be provided for completing the process.

2          Gender– You have to enter with details of your gender as either Female of Male. The selection can be made from one of the two options provide.

3          Husband/Father’s name – If you are the applicant then you will have to enter the name of your husband or father before proceeding.

4          Mobile phone– In this section you have to provide with your 10 digit mobile phone number that is registered.

5          Address – You have to provide  with details of your place of residence including street, building and postal code.

6          Existing status of Toilet – In this section you may have to make the selection from one of the four options provided in the check box.

7          Incentive transfer (Aadhar Linked) – In this section you just have to make the selection of either Yes or no option as per your preference.

8          Aadhar card – Applicants also have to provide with details of their Aadhar card number as 12 digit code provided on Aadhar card.

9          Bank details – Under this section you have to provide with complete details of your bank as listed below:-

  • Bank Name – The drop down box offers with names of selected banks from which you may have to select your preferred bank name.
  • City name – Depending on the name of the bank selected you will have to select the city where your bank is located at. The selection has to be made from the list provided in the drop box.
  • Branch name – Once you have selected your preferred city then you shall have to select the name of the bank branch from the list of branches available in your city.
  • Code IFSC – This is important to perform the transaction so you have to type in the IFSC code of your branch. You can find the code printed on your bank pass book.
  • Bank account number – Applicants have to provide with their valid bank account number for performing the transaction.
  • Account number confirmation – It is certain that you have to confirm the bank account number again so the transaction is performed right.
  • Scanned copy of Pass Book – You will have to upload your pass book’s first page copy that reflects your bank account transactions. The upload copy has to be of JPG format not exceeding 50KB size.
  • Applicants Photograph – You have to upload 50KB size photograph that is clear and visible. You can only upload JPG format file.
  • If interested in setting up toilets in bulk under self help groups or contractors – You just have to check with yes or no option if interested or not.

Once all details have been provided it is certain that you have to select the apply option and submit the form. You shall be provided with acknowledgement slip for IHHL registration along with your ID details and bank details. You can just print the application form and keep it safe for reference. Once completed you can just exit by clicking the cross option from the top.

Important Documents

  • It is certain that you need to provide with your Aadhar card details as it is important for verification process.
  • You also have to provide with a scanned copy of your passport sized photograph that is visible and clear to upload digitally.
  • You may have to provide with complete details of your bank account along with account number, branch code and IFSC code.
  • You also have to provide with a complete scanned copy in JPG format for the first page of your pass book.
  • You have to provide with your address proof including your Aadhar card, voters card or ration card at the time of submission. This will also be required to prove your place of residence.

Implementation Process

  • The moment any applicant fills in the registration form then a verification process shall be completed by officials from Urban Local authorities.
  • Once the verification has been completed then it is certain you shall be released with Rs 2000 in cash in your bank account.
  • Then applicants have to make use of that money to begin with the construction of the toilet and upload a photograph of half completed project.
  • Once the photograph has been uploaded and verified by the authorities then remaining Rs 2000 will be credited in your bank account.

How to check status of the applicant

  • It is certain that any applicant can always check with the registration application status. You just need to log in to the official website and click the Status option.
  • Now you have to click the IHHL option and you shall be displayed with complete details of all ID’s and all details of the application form that was filled in by the applicant.
  • It also displays the actions that officials have taken so far regarding your application form.
  • You can now perform your search by simply typing the ID of your application form and the select the search option.
  • You shall be provided with details of your application form along with all actions performed till date.
  • To make the selection of your preferred application you simply need to click the relevant application ID and you can now go through the details and status of application. You can also choose to print the application form.

State List under IHHL Scheme

  • It is certain that you can check with the complete list state wise under IHHL for pending applications under the scheme.
  • You just have to log on to the official website
  • You shall be directed towards the dashboard where you can view the complete list state wise for pending applications. You can also search for applications on the basis of stage and pending number of days from the tabs provided at the top left corner of the page.
  • The list provides with complete details state wise, district wise, ULB name, Ward Name and number of pending applications.

Update –


The Madhya Pradesh government has taken a new initiative for the development of sanitation facilities in rural areas. The administrative heads in Khargone has announced that people living in the villages will be able to apply for permanent toilet construction via online sites. They do not have to wait for the sanction letter from panchayat secretary. All they need to do is log in and apply online. It will be the responsibility of the administration to transfer the money, spent for toilet construction, in the bank account of the applicant. The monetary transfer will take place only after 15 days, starting from the construction completion date.

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