Automatic EPF Transfer using Composite Declaration Form-11 in case of Job Transfer

Automatic EPF Transfer using Composite Declaration Form-11 in case of Job Transfer

It is good news for the employees who are contributing in the EPF during their service. Unlike earlier times when changing a job and transferring old EPF to the new account was troublesome, now it has become much easier with revised new form no. 11. With Form no. 11 now the old EPF will automatically be transferred to the new EPF account for the employees who have changed their jobs.

Form 13 & Form 11

In earlier times there were two forms namely Form no. 11 and 13 which were required to fill to transfer the old EPF to new account. If the employee has contributed to EPF and also the new job is offering him/her EPF facility then they have to request for transferring the EPF.

To make the transfer employees were needed to submit two declaration forms namely Form no 13 and Form no. 11. Form no. 11 was a declaration form where Form no 13 was used to transfer the old EPF to new EPF. This used to happen in case of offline transfer. There is also online transfer facility as well.

New (Revised) Form 11

The new version of Form no. 11 is a revised declaration form for the transfer of the old EPF to new EPF. A year back the EPF scheme has introduced New Form no. 11. This was introduced as a declaration form which along with Form no. 13 was required to be submitted. Now the authority has introduced the same Form no. 11 with revised rules and declarations.

The revised form needs to be filled up with basic details of the employee along with his/her KYC details. Any wrong or incomplete information can delay/stop the transfer.

This new revised Form no. 11 is a composite form that includes old EPF account details. Once the complete details are being entered, the EPFO will automatically transfer the old account to the new account. This form will start effecting from 20 Sept 17. After this date whoever will change the job can transfer the old EPF to new with the help of this declaration. Revised Form no. 11 will be used by the employers. They will collect the information about the employees from the employees.

Details to be provided

  • Some of the important details must be provided in the new revised Form no. 11. First of all the basic information of the employee such as name, contact details, gender, date of birth, marital status and so on.
  • Afterwards the employees have to mention about their previous job. Along with company details (name, address etc) the employee has to mention about the joining and leaving dates, old EPF account number, UAN and so on.
  • KYC or Know Your Customer is another mandatory section in the form to be filled by the employee. Under this section the employees have to mention about the bank details, account number, IFSC code, PAN and Aadhaar Card number.
  • As far as the new job is concerned, if the new job too has the EPF facility, then the employees have to enter few details of new company as well. The main thing that must be mentioned is the joining date of the employee in the current company.
  • Finally the form has to sign and submitted by the employees to the employers. Further the employers will provide the authorization from their end. Next process will be automatically done by the authority.

Aadhaar Linkage with UAN

Universal Account Number or UAN must be mentioned in the new and revised Form no 11. If the UAN already exists for a member then multiple UAN might not be considered for a single person. UAN is required to link with the Aadhaar number. If UAN is not linked or linked but not verified, then the automatic transfer might not take place through revised form no. 11. In this case the employees have to opt for Form no. 13 and 11 for physical transfer of old EPF to new EPF. Aadhaar linkage with UAN is mandatory in automatic transfer of EPF account.

As per the latest reports nearly 1 Cr cases including death claims, pension fixation, EPF withdrawal and such have been filed under EPFO. With this revised form no. 11, these pending cases are expected to be solved sooner than before. Not only for the employees and employers but it can be said that EPFO staffs will also get benefitted from the new and revised form no. 11.

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