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Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana Program (Course list, study marerial, new portal, students registration, apply online, Channel list, One Nation One Digital Platform, One Class One Channel Program, app download)

It has been 67 days since the central government announced complete lockdown in the India. However, the number of infected people is on the rise. It will reach the 1 lakh mark within two days. The central and state governments had already announced that all academic institutes will remain closed till the situation comes under control. The extended lockdown has derailed the academic structure. To ensure that the students remain in touch with their regular studies, Indian government launched the Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana. It is a scheme that will use the far-reaching power of the internet and the DTH services to impart quality education. If you desire to know more about this scheme, then read this article carefully.

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Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Announced by Nirmala Sitharaman
Date of announcement 17th May 2020
Date of implementation 30th May 2020
Target beneficiaries Students
Registration process Online mode


Key features of the scheme

  1. Betterment of education – As the schools, colleges and universities will remain closed; it will impact the academic progress of the students. This initiative will enable the students to stay in touch with their curricula.
  2. Portal for dissemination of education – The implementation of this scheme will pave the path for smooth dissemination of school, college and university education.
  3. DTH education channels – The central government realizes that not all students have access to the internet. However, they have televisions and cable connection. To reach out to these students, the central government will launch 12 DTH study channels.
  4. One channel one class – The scheme draft highlights that one DTH channel will be dedicated for the students of a certain class.
  5. Other education dissemination media – Community radio and other reputed radio stations will also join hands with the government to make this scheme successful. Special educational podcasts will be transmitted as well for the better understanding of the students.
  6. Special content for handicap students – The central government has also thought about the inclusion of the deaf and blind students. Experts will be consulted for preparing special online study materials, which will assist the handicap candidates.
  7. Availability of study materials – The Finance Minister mentioned that the students, who register on the Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana website, will receive the opportunity to download the study materials from the portal.
  8. Fee charged – Another praiseworthy aspect is that the students will not have to pay any money for registering on the portal. Apart from this, they will be able to download the study materials free of cost.
  9. Manodarpan Scheme – Being locked-up in the house can pave the path for depression and anxiety. To eliminate these issues, the central government will implement a unique program that will provide psycho-social support. The Manodarpan Scheme will make sure that the students, teachers and the family members remain mentally fit and active.
  10. DIKSHA platform – The task of maintaining and organizing the online classes for the interested candidates, in so many states and union territories, as per the different classes, and syllabi, will be done by the Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA) platform. It will assist the operation of One Nation One Digital Platform.
  11. New structure for schools – Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the importance of the virtual academic structure came under the limelight. The Central Education Department will implement National Curriculum and Pedagogical structures. It will assist the teachers as well as the students. In time, it will become a part of the modern skill requirement sector.
  12. Ensure proper learning – With the implementation of the National Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Mission, the central government will ensure that the students are well acquainted with the learning levels by class 5. The central government wants to start this project by the end of 2020 and will complete this by the end of 2025.
  13. For all students – The Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana is not restricted to the school students. The program will also permit the participation of college and university candidates.
  14. Permission granted for universities – The central government has already given the permission to the reputed universities to hold online classes for their students. Around 100 universities will start virtual classes for the pupils from the specified date.

Tech-systems for Virtual Education Karyakram

  1. SWAYAM PRABHA DTH channels – As mentioned, the DTH television channels will be used to impart school education. The launch of three separate SWAYAM PRABHA DTH channels marks the beginning of this strategy. In time, other 12 channels will be used to expand the televised education process. A particular channel will be dedicated for the students of one class, i.e. 12 channels for students of 1st to 12th standards respectively.
  2. Skype sessions – Virtual video communication platforms like Skype were earlier used for communiqué. In the present scenario, special educational and interactive sessions will be developed and telecast by teachers on these platforms.
  3. Academic content on TV – Many private organizations have a significant percentage in the DTH market. The two popular players are Airtel and Tata Sky. The DTH connection providers will create academic content. These will be aired on the educational channels. Such content must be aired for at least 4 hours.
  4. Official DIKSHA platform – Organizations can contribute e-learning resources by logging on to the link It is the authorized website of DIKSHA platform. Though the platform will become operational shortly, as many as 61 crore views have been generated till date.
  5. e-Pathshala program – As per the official announcement, special measures will be taken to upload as many as 200 books, under the e-Pathshala scheme.

How to register on the online learning portal?

The Finance Minister has only made a preliminary announcement that highlights that the scheme is portal based. It means that the students will have to log in and register on the official portal of the website to take part in the online classes. The Finance Minister is yet to make an official statement that sheds light on the course list, or the enrollment mode. She mentioned that the Ministry of Education will soon launch a website for this scheme. We will keep a close tab on this online education project. You can be rest assured that all the updated details will be made available on our portal.

FAQ about the scheme

  1. Who will sponsor the Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana?

Ans: The Union Government of India will finance the Pradhan Mantri E Vidya Yojana.

  1. Are there specific criteria that students must meet to become beneficiaries?

Ans: As of now, the primary criterion that is needed to become the beneficiary of this scheme is to be a student. No other eligibility details have been released by the Finance Minister.

  1. Which other communication channels will be used apart from the internet?

Ans: Apart from the internet, the government will make use of telecommunication and radio channels to reach out to the students.

  1. Who will prepare the curriculum structure?

Ans: The curriculum structure and the study materials will be prepared by the reputed teachers and educationalists.

  1. Will the students need to pay any fee for partaking in the online classes?

Ans: The pupils will not have to worry about any fee payment for attending the portal based classes.

  1. What is the official portal address?

Ans: If any student wants to register and join the virtual classes, then he/she needs to click on the link As of now, the general instructions for the students and contributors are available on this portal. The government is yet to open the enrollment lines.

  1. Will the app help the students?

Ans: The launch of the DIKSHA mobile app will assist the pupils. The app will be compatible with all operating systems. Thus, the students need not sit in front of a laptop, during the virtual classes. They can log in through the mobile app as well.

The Coronavirus pandemic has already claimed more than 3000 lives in India. The officials of the apex medical body in the country opined that keeping the current infection rate in mind, one can predict that the number of ailing people will reach a devastating figure by the end of July. All hopes are pinned on the medical researchers and virologists, who are working tirelessly to come with a medicine or vaccine that can eradicate the disease. Until then, the isolation, social distancing and lockdown are the only ways to arrest the spread of COVID – 19.

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