goal.tribal.gov.in – Going Online As Leaders (GOAL) Programme Apply Online Form [Mentor / Mentee]

goal.tribal.gov.in – Going Online As Leaders (GOAL) Programme Apply Online Form [Mentor / Mentee]

The India Constitution offers various reservations for people, belonging to the tribal communities. These reservations provide support and encouragement to the tribal people to pursue their dreams of high education and profession. The central government often comes up with new schemes, which are targeted towards the tribal students and youngsters. A new project has been launched by the Indian government, with the cooperation of Facebook. Under the Going Online As Leaders Program, youngsters from tribal communities will get the opportunity to learn about the impact of digitization, and its benefits in every sector. If you want to know more about this unique initiative, then read this article carefully.

Going Online As Leaders Program in India

Name of the program Going Online As Leaders Program or GOAL Program
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Announced by Arjun Munda
Date of announcement 2018 – 2019
Date of official launch 2020
Application process Online registration
Official portal http://goal.tribal.gov.in/
Supervised by Ministry of Tribal Affairs


Important dates of the program

Experimental launch of the program February 2019
Online registration starts on 4th May 2020
Online registration ends on 3rd July 2020

Key features and benefits of the program

  1. Development of the tribal communities – The tribal communities in India require attention from the government. However, the members of the community must take an active role in the overall betterment of every tribal group. The implementation of this program will turn this vision into a reality.
  2. Participation of tribal youth – It has been developed so that tribal school and college students can take part in this technologically driven program.
  3. Empowering youngsters – Another objective of this program is to empower young tribal students, who have the desire to learn, and pave the path for the escalation of their society.
  4. Creating awareness – The uneducated tribal people are unaware of the schemes, which offer various benefits. The success of this program will create educated and knowledgeable candidates, who will be able to spread the necessary awareness among the others.
  5. Association with Facebook – For the first time, the central government is joining hands with a social networking platform like Facebook. It will enable the mentees to connect with other people, who possess interest in similar spheres.
  6. Better education and opportunities – The use of technological tools and the internet will provide the youngsters easy access to information. It will encourage and streamline the academic efforts. Apart from this, access to and information about modern technology will open new doors for these candidates.
  7. Number of mentors – For the success of the program, 2500 celebrated and well-known mentors, from all spheres will partake in this project.
  8. Number of mentees – As mentioned in the official press releases, issued by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, every year, the program will give the opportunity to 5000 beneficiaries, belonging to the tribal communities.
  9. Mentor to mentee ration – It has been highlighted in the program details that two mentees will be placed under the charge of a mentor.
  10. Tenure of the program – The GOAL Program will continue for 36 weeks. Of these, the participants will spend 28 weeks under the mentors. During the remaining 8 weeks, the candidates will be able to partake in internship projects.
  11. Mentoring scholarship candidates – The Ministry of Tribal Affairs provides scholarships to meritorious candidates. 250 such fellowship applicants will get the opportunity to become mentees under this program.
  12. Scope for internship – After the completion of the mentoring sessions, the participants will be given the opportunity to work in live projects as interns.
  13. Rewards for the mentees – The participants will get smartphones. They will also receive free of cost internet connectivity. Apart participation certificates, these mentees will receive internship certificates as well.

Eligibility for applicants

  1. Resident of the nation – It has been mentioned that only the legal and permanent residents of India will be given the opportunity to obtain the perks of this scheme.
  2. Must belong to tribal community – Only those candidates, who are members of the tribal community, will be able to enroll for this scheme.
  3. Must be academically driven – The program will allow the participation of those tribal applicants, who are currently associated with an academic pursuit. School, college, university and research students can register under this program.

Documents necessary for registration

  1. Residential documents – If the applicant fails to upload official residential documents, then the respective ministry can reject the registration request.
  2. Identification papers – Uploading scanned copies of the Aadhar Card or the Viter Card are necessary for the purpose of applicant verification.
  3. Tribal certificate – Every interested candidate must attach a digitized copy of the tribal certificate that has been issued by the respective state government.
  4. Academic certificates – It is mandatory for the candidate to upload scanned copies of his/her academic achievements, and the current course that the applicant is perusing.

How to enroll as a mentee?

  1. Online portal – The interested applicants must opt for the portal based enrollment process. For this, he/she must log in on the website of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. To get to this website, one must click on the link http://goal.tribal.gov.in/.
  2. Option selection – When the candidate gets to the home page, he/she will various tabs, located at the top part of the page. If the candidate wants to join as a mentee, then he/she needs to click on the tab that is marked as “Apply As Mentee.”
  3. Access to registration form – Clicking on the tab will produce three additional options. From here, the candidate must click on the “Registration Form” option. It will give the applicant access to the digitized enrollment document.
  4. Fill-up the form – The form has three sections. In the first section, the applicant must fill-in the fields with personal details. In the second part, the applicant must highlight the general information.
  5. Document attachment – In the third part of the online form, the candidate must attach the scanned copies of all the necessary documents. These documents will be used by the officials of the ministry for fact verification.
  6. Submitting the form – Once the three sections of the application form has been filled in, the candidate must save the registration request by clicking on the “Submit” button.

How to enroll as a mentor?

  1. Authorized portal – The Ministry of Tribal Affairs has an official website. If a person wants to gather more information about this scheme, or apply as a mentor, then he/she must click on the link http://goal.tribal.gov.in/.
  2. Option selection – When the home page opens, the interested applicant must click on the tab that is marked as “Apply As Mentor.”
  3. Get to the application form – As soon as the person click on the drop down arrow, three additional options will come up. One of these, marked as “Registration Form” will give the person access to the online application form.
  4. Form fill-up – The digitized enrollment form for the mentors has two sections. One is the personal details section and the other is the general details section. Both these sections have many fields, which must be filled with relevant details.
  5. Submitting the form – After filling in the form, the interested mentor must click on the button that is marled as “Submit.”

How to check the status of the application?

  1. Once the applicants have submitted the forms, it is the responsibility of the officials to sort and complete the selection process. The candidate can check the application status through the official portal.
  2. If anyone wants to keep a track on the status of the enrollment request, then he/she must click on the link http://goal.tribal.gov.in/. It will open the official website of Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  3. On the top right hand corner of the website, the candidate will see some options. One of these option buttons is marked as “Check Status.”
  4. As soon as the person clicks on this button, it will trigger the portal to open a new page in a new tab.
  5. In the application status checking page, the candidate can enter either his/her registered mobile number or the application number.
  6. Then he/she needs to click on the button that is marked as “Enter.”
  7. After this, the enterer data will be compared to the internal database. Once a match is found, the website will highlight the current status of the application.

Necessity for the GOAL Program

Truth be told, online education was occupying the backseat in India for a long time. However, there has been a shift in the scenario after the Coronavirus pandemic. It has popularized the online education channels. The association of the central government, with Facebook will make information and education distributions easy through the virtual portals. Apart from students, tribal women will also be able to take an active part in this program, and increase their skill. Apart from learning about the digital tools, which are necessary for expanding any venture, the tribal people can get in touch with local and international buyers and sellers. Acquiring and developing skill and knowledge, and sustaining it on a long-term basis, are the main aims of the GOAL Program.

Intention and content of the scheme

The intention of the GOAL Program is to influence the tribal women. With the help of the virtual platforms, they will be able to learn new things about various subjects. Online tools and virtual platform will pave the path for the honing their skills. Another positive intention of this program is to reduce the gap that exists between general and tribal individual. Access to better knowledge, ands opportunities will make the tribal people more financially independent. Thus, they will play a bigger role in strengthening the national structure.

Preservation of tribal culture

With the success of GOAL Program, the central government will be able to highlight the rich culture of the tribal communities. Experts opine that it will play a constructive role in the preservation of the different tribal communities and their cultures in India.

Other areas of program integration

The central and the state governments often develop and implement various schemes. These projects target the betterment of the people in the nation and the states respectively. The participants of the GOAL Program can learn more details about such schemes. Apart from boosting awareness, the integration of this program with other government schemes will assist the mentees and mentors to get the benefits of the projects. The GOAL Program will be integrated with government schemes like:

  1. Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  2. Mudra Yojana
  3. Skill India
  4. Jan Dhan Yojana
  5. Stand Up India
  6. Start Up India

FAQ about the program

  1. Who will sponsor the GOAL Program?

Ans: The central government has taken up the responsibility of sponsoring the GOAL Program.

  1. What are the three core areas of this program?

Ans: Improving life skills, propagating digital literacy and developing candidates for entrepreneurship and leadership are the three core areas of the GOAL Program.

  1. Are these different phases in this program?

Ans: Keeping the elaborate nature and scope of this program in mind, the central government has decided that the implement this scheme in separate phases.

  1. Was this program carried out on a pilot basis, and when?

Ans: Facebook and the central government joined hands on February 2019, and stated the GOAL Program on a pilot basis. The pilot project was continued till October 2019. The reports were analyzed, and the final decision, of implementing this program on a pan-India basis, was made.

  1. How many states participated in the experimental GOAL Program?

Ans: The pilot project of the GOAL Program was run in five Indian states.

  1. How many mentors and mentees participated in the pilot project?

Ans: During the pilot project, the GOAL Program has 100 mentees and only 25 mentors.


Digital literacy can help the backward communities to make fast progress in academic, skill development and professional fields. GOAL Program combines the necessary tools, which will help in the overall betterment of the tribal communities in India.

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