igot.gov.in – Integrated Govt. Online Training (iGOT) E-Platform to Train Covid Warriors

igot.gov.in – Integrated Govt. Online Training (iGOT) E-Platform to Train Covid Warriors

In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, the Department of Personnel and Training has decided to start to train people to take a grip on the situation. This is the reason the government has launched a training portal online. The name of the training program is Integrated Govt. Online Training (iGOT); the portal will train the medical professional like doctors, nurses, paramedics, as well as the police and government officers to fight the pandemic. The objective of the training program is to prepare for the future fight any kind of situation.


Important key features of the training program

  • Objective- According to the sources, the training program will prepare a frontline workforce to control pandemic situation. The training will teach them how to cope up with different stages of pandemic.
  • Capacity building- The primary reason for launching the portal is to build capacity of the frontline force. This is the reason the portal was launched on the MHRD Diksha Platform.
  • Checking the portal- The personnel who are associated with healthcare and other administrative services will be able to take the training online and you will also check the portal to see the responsibilities of the people. The link of the portal is https://igot.gov.in/igot/

Who Can Take Courses on iGOT Training E-Platform?

 As it is said earlier that the training program is designed for the people who are associated with the frontline works; so here is the list of the people who can take the training to fight the severe phase of pandemic.

Explore Courses at iGOT Training e-Platform

 In order to learn about the online training program you need to click on link. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to the home page where you can click on ‘view courses’. Initially the government has launched only new courses keeping the factors in mind and the factors are isolation, quarantine, psychological counseling, prevention of infection with PPE, ICU care, ventilation, basic things about COVID-19, clinical management, sample collection, testing procedure, managing Corona cases, infection prevention and control. The most interesting part of the training is that you can access the portal trough computer and mobile both.

Need For Integrated Government Online Training (iGOT) e-Platform

 Due to the current situation, the country is battling with COVID-19 and already the frontline workers are doing well. But, it is important to get a solid grip on the situation to reduce the new cases of infection. And for that training is necessary to make the personnel more aware of the situation so that they can take more appropriate steps to save life.

Roles & Responsibilities of Frontline COVID-19 Warriors

 The aim of the training is let the personnel understand their duties more precisely and this is the reason you need to know what kind of responsibility they will be fulfilling.

  • The health workers and people associated with administration needs to polite besides being proactive.
  • The responsible personnel needs to be innovative and imaginative
  • They needs to make sure the steps they are taking are constructive, and creative
  • While dealing with people they need to be professional and with a progressive mind
  • To fight the situation the doctors, nurses and other people needs to be energetic
  • The most important thing is that the people who are working frontline, they need to be transparent when it comes to important information regarding COVID-19

How iGOT Portal will Help COVID Warriors?

The advantage of the portal is that it is flexible when it comes to time schedule. As the training is launched to sharpen the frontline force; so, every personnel will get role-specific training on the portal. One can access the portal from any device so one does not have to stay at particular place for a particular time to get the training. The authority is saying that this portal is capable of training 1.5 crore frontline people approximately to fight the ongoing pandemic.

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