How to find CSC in your area Online

How to find CSC in your area Online

Well, if you are aware of the digital Indian project that is being taken up by the central government, then, know this too, the common service centers (CSC) are also a part of digital Indian project. We bet you have never heard of the common service centers before. So what are these? These are certain aspects of the Digital India project that represents three certain objectives. We are going to discuss about how to find the CSC within your area in this article. Before that you need to know that the CSC is directly related with the central government Awas Yojana. This CSC’s will act as the place for taking applications for the housing project of central government. Rural entrepreneurship is being promoted through the CSC’s.

The objectives of CSC

The candidates who are interested in taking up the Awas Yojana, especially, the financially backward people in the rural areas, can opt for the PM Awas Yojana through the local CSC’s. Now what are the objectives of CSC’s? They are as follows:

Offering digital infrastructure as a core utility for every citizen

Offering governance on demand

And finally, offering a digital empowerment for the citizens

How to find CSC in your area

The steps for finding a CPC within your locality

Now that being said, let us have a look at what are the ways to find the CSC’s in your country. The CSC’s will offer different services to the people of India. For finding a common service center in India, you need to visit the official link

Now you will get a new page. That page will contain blocks. Fill up the blocks with different information like where you live, name of state etc.

Then again, you will get a new pop up, in that block you will have to fill up the name of the district that you live in. After that you will see the details of nearest common service center located. The objectives of CSC’s are the services that they will offer. The central government has taken up the decision of issuing common service centers to help people with the Awas Yojana right now. Interested candidates need to apply immediately to the common service center.

You will be provided services like Insurance, passport, e-nagarik and district services, e-courts and results, state electricity, water bill collection, IHHL project, Cyber gram, postal services, and much more. And if you are looking to know about the Business to citizen services that the CSC’s will offer, here they are: You will get an online cricket course, e-commerce sales book, IRCTC, air, bus ticket services, the details about agricultural services, recharging of mobile, CSC bazar, an English speaking course and also the e-learning. You can get all these services through the website called There is a brochure link available in there. If you check out that link, you will get to know all the services the CSC’s will be offering. Any individual, who is looking to participate in the CSC scheme, must be a local person.

A tabular overview of CSC

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Total common service centers in India 2 Lakh
2. CSC’s for online form submission 60000
3. Age criteria for applicant 18 years

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