Gandikota Chitravathi Lift Irrigation Scheme Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota Chitravathi Lift Irrigation Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state inaugurated the new irrigational scheme termed as Gandikota-Chitravathi Lift irrigation scheme. The new scheme is a type of irrigational scheme that will make use of drip irrigation technique to help irrigate over 60000 acres of land. A Jala Siriki Harathi was performed by the CM at the site of inauguration of the scheme.

Gandikota Chitravathi Lift Irrigation Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

Launch Details

The program for inauguration was performed by the CM on 3rd Jan 2018 at Kadapa district within the Pullivendula constituency’s Pranapalli.

Key Features

  • The sources have also stated that the project has been designed to lift around 7.50 tmcft of water volume using around five distinct delivery points at various stages. The water would also be directed towards the Chitravathi reservoir so that over 60,000 acres of land could in fact be irrigated making use of gravity and drip irrigation technique.
  • According to the statements made it is obvious that the state government has constructed three lift irrigation points each of around 0.3 tmcft volume capacity at Gaddamvaripalle, Yellanur and Thimmapuram.
  • Apart from this a point of capacity 0.8 tmcft has also been built at Goddumarri that will be helpful for drawing water to PBR from the Gandikota reservoir.
  • The new lifting scheme has been designed to help lift over 2000 cusecs of water via 5 lift irrigation schemes. Each of the scheme is provided with over 4 pumps between PBR and Kondapuram. These pumps are used for pumping water to various ponds and tanks and divert water to reach the ayacut for irrigational purpose.
  • Using the new technique till present time the system was lifting over 1200 cusecs of water on daily basis from the Krishna river project and Gandikota reservoir. The project was operational for full function since 2017 November.
  • According to the latest updates from the sources the reservoir at the Chitravathi balancing is presently holding around 4815 tmcft of water in its reservoir that has been pumped from the Krishna river project and also from Gandikota reservoir system.
  • It has also been made clear that the Gandikota reservoir is presently holding up to 7 tmcft volume of water storage. Combining the two Kadapa district is holding over 33 tmcft volume of water in its storage in the reservoirs.

Set Budget

According to the state government the entire outlay of the project till date costs the government to invest around Rs 1350 crore for the implementation of the scheme and project for drip irrigation technique.

With the implementation of the new scheme the state government of Andhra Pradesh state aims at overcoming the problem of irrigation for farmers within the state, especially in areas where there is shortage of ground water resources.

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