Merit Cum Scholarship (Fee Waiver) Scheme in Delhi [Form]

Merit Cum Scholarship Fee Waiver Scheme in Delhi 2018-19 [Eligibility Criteria For Merit List, Application Form Process]

Many families of many students are unable to support their cost of education and the government of Delhi has extended a helping hand towards them by announcing the Fee Waiver Scheme. It is popularly known as the Merit cum Means Scholarship Scheme, where the poor students will get concessions on the course fee.

Delhi Fee Waiver scholarship Scheme

Scheme Name Fee Waiver Scheme
Government AAP government
Officially announced by Manish Sisodia
official announcement date July, 2017
Inspired by Hoshiyar Singh Thakran
Supervised by Education Ministery of the state
Scheme type  Scholarship Scheme
Official Site

Key features of Fee Waiver Scholarship Scheme Delhi

The main feature of the Merit cum Means or the Fee Waiver Scheme in Delhi has the following features:

  1. Empowering the poor students – With the assistance of the scheme, the state government will be able to reach out to the needy but meritorious students who want to pursue the dreams of acquiring higher education.
  2. Selected universities – The private or the autonomous universities have not been brought under the scheme and it is restricted to only those candidates who fall under any of the selected state universities.
  3. Concession not cash transfer – The scheme will directly cut down the amount of money that the student was to pay for the course. There are no cash transfers. The students will be charged less for the course fee.
  4. Number of beneficiaries – The Merit cum Means grant will provide respite to around 20,000 to 25,000 students of the state who have the merit to study but do not have the means.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

Not all will be able to enroll under the scheme. Specific guidelines have been laid down for the students who can and cannot partake in the scheme. The following are the eligibility criteria:

  1. For the students residing in Delhi – The scheme is only open to those students who reside within the boundaries of the state of Delhi. Apart from this, they must also be studying in any institute that is placed under the selected seven state universities.
  2. Opting for undergraduate courses – It is imperative that the student is studying to acquire an undergraduate degree from any of the selected state universities. Otherwise, the candidates will not be recognized as eligible.
  3. Must be of low income group – The state government has highlighted that the scheme has been designed for the students who belong to poor families and are unable to bare the expense of the educational courses. They will be provided with discounts on the fee.

Scholarship Or Concession Merit List Criteria: 

  • 100% concession – Complete or 100% concession will be awarded to those students who have a certificate that proves that the family falls under the NFSS or the National Food Security Scheme, approved by the government.
  • 50% concession – All those students, who have an annual income that is less than the 2.5 lakh mark, will be provided with a 50% discount on the total fee.
  • 25% concession – It has been mentioned in the draft that the students, who have a yearly income of more than 2.5 lakhs but does not cross the 6 lakhs mark, will be provide a 25% concession.
  1. Must get 60% marks – As per the guidelines of the scheme, all those students, who have managed to secure 60% or more marks in the final examination of 12th standard, will be directly qualified for the partaking in the scheme.
  2. Reservations for the students of ST/SC – All those students, who have a certificate of ST or SC, will be allowed to register under the scheme if they manage to secure 55% marks in the final examination of 12th

Required documents for the scheme

  1. Like all state or central government scheme, the interested candidates will have to fill the form and attach some legal documents with it. To start with, a copy of the Aadhar card must be attached.
  2. It will support the identification and residential claims of the student as the program will only benefit the residents of Delhi.
  3. As the program is for the poor, the income certificate and the ST/SC/OBC certificate must be attached as well.
  4. Apart from this, the papers that prove that the student is studying in an undergraduate course in any of the seven selected state universities must also be attached with the application form.

Covered Universities

It has been highlighted in the scheme that the following seven universities will be included under the umbrella of the scheme, for the time being, so that maximum number of students can be benefited:

  1. Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
  2. University of GGS Indraprastha
  3. Delhi Technological University
  4. Ambedkar University
  5. The Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
  6. Indira Gandhi Delhi Technological University(Women)
  7. Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University

An interesting thing to note here is that all these universities operate under the jurisdiction of the state and the state education board. The NSIT will become a part of the scheme as soon as it is dubbed a state university.

Budget for the scheme 

As per the information furnished by the Delhi government, the scheme will require a whopping amount of money to be implemented successfully. For the implementation of the Merit cum Means scholarship, the government has already allocated a sum of 10 crores for the educational term of 2018 – 2019.



How to attain application form and how to apply for Merit -cum-Means linked Financial Assistance Scheme in Delhi?

  1. All applications will be accepted online. In case a student is interested in attaining the benefits under this scheme, he/she will have to log on to in order to get the digitized application form.
  2. Once the home page appears, candidates will get two separate options for those who will register for the first time, and applicants who have already registered.
  3. A new applicant will have to click on the option “New User” located under the section “CITIZEN’S CORNER”
  4. It will bring up a new page, where the student will have to select and type in the Aadhar card number in separate fields.
  5. Then the candidate needs to type in the security capchat code in the identified field.
  6. This will trigger the site to complete the registration process. An interested student will get access to the actual digitized application form only after completing this initial registration process.
  7. Applicants must get a print out of this online application form as they have to submit that, along with other necessary documents at the principal’s office.
  8. In case the candidate has already registered, he/she can just click on the “Registered Users Login” option under the “CITIZEN’S CORNER”

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