Shaadi (Shadi) Shagun Scheme for Muslim Minorities 2022

Shaadi (Shadi) Shagun Scheme 2019-2020 for Muslim Minorities 

The state of the Muslim girls, in the country is not very promising. Most of them are not allowed to pursue their dreams of gaining higher education. To change the sorry state of the Muslim girls and encourage their parents to let them study till graduation, the central government will introduce the Shaadi Shagun Scheme. The money the girls get will be a gift from the government during their wedding.

Shaadi Shagun Scheme

Scheme Name Shadi Shagun Scheme
Official Announcement On August, 2017
Declared By Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi 
Government Central
Target People Muslim Girl
Supervised By Minority Ministry

Key features of Shaadi Shagun Scheme

For understanding the scheme better, one must take a look at the salient features of the scheme:

  1. Empowerment of Muslim women –It is a ploy of encouraging parents to provide higher education to their daughters and assist in the empowerment of Muslim girls.
  2. Monetary gift during wedding – The government will provide the selected and deserving candidates with a sum of Rs. 51, 000 during the time of their marriage.
  3. Website by MAEF – The MAEF or the Maulana Azad Educational Foundation has already finished the task of launching a portal that will provide information to the interested candidates.
  4. Minimum educational qualification – The minimum educational qualification of the candidate has to be graduation. Those who fail to pass the graduation examination will not be given the scholarship.

Cash reward criteria Under Shaadi Shagun Scheme

Class / College Scholarship Amount
9th and 10th Class Rs. 10, 000
11th and 12th Class Rs. 12, 000
After Completion of Graduation

(at the time of marriage)

Rs. 51, 000

 Eligibility criteria of the scheme

The following are the eligibility criteria that the candidates must meet:

  1. Must be of Muslim community – It has been highlighted in the draft of the scheme that the monetary assistance will be provided to the girls who follow the Muslim religion. Stress is put on their empowerment
  2. Must be a graduate – Only those Muslim girls will be able to acquire the monetary gift that have already passed the final graduation examination and have acquired the pass certificate.
  3. Must be an Indian citizen – The scheme will encompass all deserving candidates, but they must be a legal citizen of Indian to apply for the cash reward.
  4. Must be getting married – As the money will be a gift from the government for their wedding, only those candidates will finally end up getting the amount who is getting married.
  5. Can be a holder of MAEF scholarships – If the candidates are already receiving any scholarship under the MAEF, even then, they will be allowed to enroll under the Shaadi Shagun Scheme.

With the assistance of the scheme, the central government wants to encourage and make the orthodox Muslims aware of the fact that each girl must be educated just like the boys. The country will not develop in the true sense if the women as left behind.

Other Schemes 

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  2. Quiz by Government of India
  3. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Subsidy

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