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The main motive of launching a new welfare scheme by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is to work for the betterment of state inhabitants. Several welfare schemes have come up. However, the YSR Navasakam Scheme is an important one. For this applicants can easy get updates about the scheme. This is done through beneficiary cards that will be given to the selected candidates under the scheme. The cards shall help them to get scheme updates. The following part of the article talks about the relevant details of the scheme and the beneficiary card.

YSR Amma Jagananna Vodi Scheme

Name of the scheme YSR Navasakam Scheme Beneficiary List
Scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh
Scheme has been launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement of scheme November 2019
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh State Government
Target beneficiaries of the scheme  State residents of the
Date of scheme implementation December 2019


Important dates relating to the scheme

Scheduled Task Dates
Starting date for identification and application of beneficiaries 20th November
Ending date of identification and application of beneficiaries 30th November
Beneficiary list draft publication 1st December
Scrutiny of applications 2nd to 7th December
Objection registration period 10th to 14th December
Selection of deserving candidates 15th to 18th December
Final beneficiary list publication date 20th December
Date of issuance of new scheme cards 1st January 2020

Benefits of separate scheme cards

Due to lack of knowledge and accessibility, rural people are unable to stay updated about information of the welfare schemes. Even if they have applied for the scheme, they often forget to check beneficiary list and related information. But with successful implementation of the above said scheme, the candidates will get cards that shall help them stay updated about the scheme details. The state government has come up with mostly social security and financial help schemes for the state individuals. The beneficiaries will get card for the schemes through which they can keep track of the scheme updates. If beneficiaries fail to get the scheme benefits, with the help of the cards, they can opt for the benefits to the concerned department. Through the cards, it will be possible to get details about the beneficiary from the database. 

Manual application procedure and beneficiary list

  1. Manual survey –Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has declared that the village volunteers are responsible for setup surveys in different areas relating to the above-said scheme.
  2. Home enrolment – It is the responsibility of the volunteers to visit the houses and note the details. This shall conclude the registration process.
  3. Beneficiary list – After submission of enrolment form under the scheme, the audit board will prepare the beneficiary list and the draft will be published on 1st
  4. Necessary background checks – The village audit board officials should check the forms and scrutinize it. The scrutiny will start from the 2nd of December and continue until the 7th of December 2019.
  5. Registration of complaints – Applicants can register for their objections relating to the welfare schemes. However, the registration process will start from 10th of December and end on 14th of December 2019.
  6. Final selection and drafting – after completion of the objectives relating to the scheme, the officials are responsible for creating the list for the applicants. It should be completed from the 15th of December to the 18th of December.
  7. Final list –The state officials has been given the charge to declare the scheme beneficiary list from 20th of December 2019.

Beneficiary card list

After the beneficiary list comes, the selected candidates will be given cards relating to the above said scheme. It shall contain details of the individuals and by producing this card the candidate can opt for the benefits. However the card will be issued by the state government and details of some cards are mentioned below. 

  1. YSR Zero Interest Scheme Card
  2. YSR MatsyakaraBharosa Card
  3. YSR NetannaHastam Scheme Card
  4. AmmaVodi Scheme Card
  5. YSR Pension Card
  6. YSR Arogyasri Card
  7. YSR Rice Card
  8. YSR Sunna Vaddi Padhakam Scheme Card
  9. Jagananna Vidya Deevena Card
  10. Jagananna Vasathi Deevena Card
  11. YSR Kapu Nestam Scheme Card
  12. Free Reimbursement Card

Through the schemes, the state government shall ensure that the beneficiaries get the perks from the social security schemes and the financial schemes. The state government authority is responsible for taking necessary steps that shall help them in offering benefits to the applicants. Now, the villagers need not worry about missing out on important details of the schemes. After registration, they can avail of the scheme benefits.

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