Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VSA)

Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VSA)

In the demonetization drive across the nation which promises to stop the evil practices of corruption and finish black money, the centre has launched as new scheme named VSA. The VSA scheme was launched on 1st December, 2016 by the HRD Minister in the country capital which is a motivational and awareness project to go for cashless transaction systems. In this present cash crunch situation, it is a wise decision to go for cashless system and payment modes like using credit or debit cards or the payment wallets. The VSA scheme is all about encouraging the common masses to evolve and opt for cashless transaction systems in the country and throw corruption out from its roots.

Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan (VSA)

Main aim of Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan

The main aim of this project is the vision of India getting accustomed with cashless economy and its citizens trying their hands in cashless transactions in their daily life. There is no alternate to this in near future and people should become more aware of the facts and procedures of applying cashless transactions in their daily lives. This project aims to create a strong digital economy and put India in the global map of leading and digitally developed countries. Its main motto is to make the youth and students getting involved in this major transformation that the nation is going through and help others.

Governing authority

The HRD Ministry is the sole governing authority of the VSA program. This awareness scheme to leave back the old modes of transactions using cash and follow up new cashless transaction systems was launched by Hon’ble HRD Minister, Shree Prakash Javedkar in Delhi. The launch program of VSA was organized in the head quarters of NIC and the same was telecasted live among all the top educational institutes of the country via video conference. Earlier, the same appeal was also made by none other than the mastermind of the entire program, i.e. the PM Narendra Modi himself. He has taken the help of his radio and TV program – ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to start a campaign against black money and has appealed the nation to switch for cashless economy as it is very fast and reliable.

Higher educational institutes directed to take the initial steps for Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan

To achieve a target of this big magnitude, it is very important to start practicing the cashless economy mode and transactions among the higher educational institutes, across the country. The HRD Minister has appealed such institutes to join hands against corruption and switch to cashless and digital economy in their campuses. The institutes have been advised not to take any cash for semester or tuition fees, admission fees, library fees, hostel fees, fines, any deposits, salary of teaching and non-teaching staffs, etc. They have been appealed to follow cashless transaction systems in the entire college, including the college canteens and stores. Only young students and bright minds can carry forward this digital transformation of the nation and bring awareness among general masses. The students can also take this initiative and teach it in their homes or locality and also share with their friends about the advantages of having a cashless economic system and using digital transactions for daily life.

Sl. No. Fields Related data
1 Name of scheme Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan
2 Governing authority HRD Ministry
3 Launched on  1st Dec, 2016
4 Launched by HRD Minister Shree Prakash Javedkar
5 Main emphasis on Higher Educational Institutions
6 Online portal

What are the modes of transactions anyone can opt in their daily life?

  • Debit card or RuPay cards.
  • Credit cards.
  • Pre – paid cards.
  • E-wallets.
  • USSD payment.
  • Aadhar enabled payment.
  • POS transactions.
  • Mobile wallets.

Website for Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan

The Govt. has launched a separate website for this mass awareness program which will not only help all in getting accustomed to the new digital ways of making transactions and leaving the backdated transactions with hard cash. The website of VSA is – One can get the details of the program and know about its vision through the home page only, where it is explained. The website, owned by HRD Ministry also has the link for the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program of PM Narendra Modi where he also makes an appeal to the country people to adapt the digital transformation of country’s economy and to start using cashless transactions.

Enroll as a volunteer

The VSA scheme offers the members of the educational institutes with a little knowledge of the digital transaction systems to get them enrolled as volunteers of the program. One can go to the link – for online registration of getting enrolled in the program and start working as a volunteer and create mass awareness among masses. Not only the students, but the teachers of the educational organizations can join this program and go volunteering. They will have to enter basic details like Name, Institution, Status (Teacher or Student), District, State, etc. along with their e-mail ID, mobile number and Aadhar card no.

Suggestions for general masses

To make the VSA program more acceptable for general public, the Govt. also wants public interaction and their suggestions or views on the matter. One can leave feedback / suggestions through the link – One will have to enter details like Name, mobile number, e-mail ID and leave the feedback. Each and every such suggestion / feedback will be addressed with due priority.

Upload work progress on Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan

The Govt. has also appealed the educational institutions to upload their work progress regularly through their website. Any volunteer can upload his / her work progress on the scheme directly to the online portal through the link – It is encouraged to make the work progress uploads on regular basis.

Social media campaign for Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyan

The HRD Ministry has also gone to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to make this campaign of having Digital India, a successful one by reaching to more masses. Social networking sites can be a powerful boost to the program and will help in creating more awareness to adopt the cashless systems of transactions and leave the traditional transaction systems using cash.

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