‘Utkarsh’ CM e-Dashboard Uttarakhand

Utkarsh CM e-Dashboard Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand State Government has taken another step towards Digitization in India. In a recent event the CM of the state has started a new web portal namely CM e-Dashboard. The portal will be a digital way of monitoring the progress of the state and central run development programs. The portal will give a transparent picture about whether the beneficiaries are receiving the advantages from these schemes and programs or not.


Launch Details

The state government of Uttarakhand has started this portal on 25th of December 2017 in Lucknow. On the occasion of former PM Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday, the portal was launched by the CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. The day is celebrated as the ‘Good Governance Day’. Along with Uttarakhand some other states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana has the same sort of digital platform for the same kind of scheme.

Key Features of the e-Dashboard ‘Utkarsh’

  • Objective: The main reason behind this scheme, as mentioned, is to supervise the progression of the schemes and development programs across the state. It will be easier to track the officials and their duties regarding such schemes.
  • Real Time data: The portal will give real time data on several schemes. Starting from the scheme application to implementation all will be available in e-Dashboard. These data will be helpful to know whether the schemes are helping the beneficiaries or not.
  • Departments: There are 14 departments of government are already linked with the portal. The authorities say within little time they will link more governmental departments with the link.
  • Accessibility: Chief Minister will have the authority to personally check everything from state run schemes to central run scheme. He will be able to access the portal from his office.
  • Transparency: With launching this portal, CM would get a clear picture of how these schemes are working and if not working then what’s the matter. He can also closely keep an eye on the government officials.
  • Future schemes: According to the CM this portal will be helpful for formulating future development programs and schemes. As he will check the progress and effects of existing schemes, he will be able to plan for future as well.
  • Districts: Along with 14 governmental sections, 13 districts will also be integrated with the portal. Database of these 13 districts across the state will be added to the portal.

How it works:

  • It will work on the basis of KPIs. All the departments will be given unique Key Performance Indicator or KPIs. Depending on the KPI the performance of each department will be tested through instrumental panel.
  • There will be red and green signs according to the performance of the departments. If the department managed to achieve less than 50% target, then it will get red sign. That means it is in dangerous position. All the officials associated with this department can be affected by this.
  • The green sign will be given if any department achieved 75% or more target. This means the department has performed well. In this way database of all the departments will be evaluated.


This portal will also be helpful for the government officials. As the performance of the departments and associated people is being under the watch, competition among the officials has increased.


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