TNSAND Online Sand Booking & Lorry Owner Registration Form On Website Or App

Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking & Lorry Owner Registration Form On Website Or App

The state government of Tamil Nadu has set up an online website for anyone who wants to book sand and lorry online. The services has been started by the Tamil Nadu government starting from 1st July 2017. It is certain that the state government has made the process of booking online sand and lorry mandatory.

Apart from this the state government has also launched web portal and mobile app that anyone can download and make use of. As sand booking is a big business in Tamil Nadu state so it is certain that with online web portal state government expects to bring transparency amongst people who purchase sand

Tamil Nadu Online Sand Booking Lorry Owner Registration App

Procedure to Book Sand Online

  • In case you want to make the online booking you have to get started with logging on to the official web portal
  • From the home page you have to look around for “General People“ option and click it.
  • The moment you select click option you will be directed towards application form page. You have to provide with all possible details and then click the “create booking” option that is available at the bottom.
  • The moment you select create booking option then you shall be redirected towards another page where you shall be provided with your application reference number. This number can be used by you in case you need to check with the application status at any time.

Online Registration For Lorry Owners

  • You also have an option to get registered as a lorry owner on the web portal. Once you have logged on to the web portal you have to look around for “are you waiting for sand” option bar and then click it.
  • You will have to provide with a few details on the application form. Once provided you can simply submit the form. You can log in at any time and check with the details.

Using the Android App to Register And Book Sand

The state government of Tamil Nadu has offered with a facility to book sand on your Android phone. Apart from this you can also register your lorry, check with the status of your booking online. The android app is available on the Google play store for free download.

Features of Android App

  • Public entry – You can check with all your queries and at the same time even bookmark any option you want to.
  • Lorry owner entry – It is possible for lorry owners to enter the details of their lorry. They can also check with the status of their lorry and sand registration at their convenience.
  • Explicit row – It is also possible to check with the status of all sand booked within the state.
  • Home page – You can check with status of unregistered, reserved lorry and confirmed lorry status on the android app.
  • Booking – Using the android app it is possible for you to place the booking for lorry and at the same time you may not have to wait in queue for your lorry.
  • You will receive all possible details regarding your bookings on your mobile number and email.

In case you need more information you can simply log on to the official web site.


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