SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window)

SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window)

Central government has given a push to the Department of Personnel and Training by introducing an online portal for appraisal recording. From now on the IPS officers can record their appraisals on the portal directly. The main reason for taking such decision is to reduce the delay in paper work by the department. This is not only helpful to speed up the process but also it will be another step towards the Digital India. The date 15th April 2017 is given to post other departments’ comments on the proposal.

SPARROW (Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window)


  • Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window as known as SPARROW is soon to be launched by the central government to record the appraisal reports of the Indian Police Service officers.
  • Before this, in the year 2011, such online portal was introduced for the Indian Administrative Service Officers. Through this portal the IAS officers could record their performance appraisal on time and without delay.
  • This SPARROW portal will be for both the appraiser and the appraisee. Both the parties need to record and review their reports on time. There will be recording of report and reviewing the reports. Both parties need to do that time to time.
  • Appraisee is required to record their performance while the appraisers are needed to review them within the given time. If the appraiser does not take any move towards the report or didn’t complete the review within give time then it will be considered as the final performance.
  • All the reports recording by appraisee, reviewing by appraiser and finally accepted by the department will be done through electronic process only. On the other political servants will need to process things manually.

Objective of the Portal

The main objective of such portal is to speed up the appraisal process. There are many such cases where the appraisal of an employee has stuck in mid way for several reasons. As a result their performance rating lowered down as well.

In recent past it has been found that some of the senior officers had delayed the appraisal reports on purpose. The reason behind this was some kind of personal grudge that he/she had for the employee. This is not the one case but many cases have come out time to time. To resolve these problems government has taken this decision.

How to Use SPARROW

  • It is an online portal where all the appraisee and appraisers will have their ID and password for logging. They have to log in to the portal with their ID and can record their performance by filling up the form.
  • While filling up the form and submitting it, one has to upload his digital signature. The appraisee as well as the appraiser needs to upload their digital signature while filling up the form.
  • The performance will be recorded and moved to next step after reviewing by the respective officers. There will be different time limit for each stage. With every review the performance will be shifted to next step where next round of review will be done.
  • The final review and appraisal report will be made by the Deputy General of Police. He / she will be responsible to verify / review the final appraisal and publish it to the portal itself.

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