Smart City Yojana In 2020

Smart City Yojana Scheme [List of cities, Concept] In 2020

Smart City Yojana is one of the favorite and most ambitious projects of Government of India. This, if implemented in the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisages may change the face of entire India on global platform.  Currently, there are not many cities in India which could stand at par in terms of modern infrastructure and compared with best cities of the world.

Smart City Yojana plans to develop these existing cities and few other selected smaller cities into places of modern and sustainable living in terms of healthcare facilities, sanitation, infrastructure, ecology, education and opportunities.  A total of 100 cities have been selected for the project, which would conclude in the coming next two decades.

Smart City Yojana Scheme

What is the estimated cost of Smart City Projects?

The initial cost of the project is said to be around 7,000 crores.  At the same time, the project cost may go up to Rs 700,000 crores in later phases and by the time it gets completed.  The amount and estimate of the project has been worked out by experts under guidance of the ministry of finance and finance minister, Arun Jaitley.

What is the entire duration of Smart City Yojana?

The exact duration of the scheme has not yet been mentioned, however, as we know that the project would take place in phases and the final phase should be completed within next two decades.

How many cities and which areas would be covered under this project?

Within a span of 20 years, a total of 100 cities and towns would be covered and built on international standards.  The major metros of the country are already at some par, therefore, in the first phase the project would target the B grade towns and cities and bring them up in terms of infrastructure and facilities.

How is the project going to be implemented?

The motive of Smart City Yojana is not just to build multi storied buildings but to develop a city in which people have easier lifestyle and have to put lesser effort to avail basic facilities along with having sanitation and other services at bay.  The project would ensure that cities and towns of India are made better in all the spheres.

Certain core issues of the cities and towns like transport, energy resources, security of people, health and hygiene, etc are taken care of with modern technology.  The idea is to build system of improvement in each city.  To cater to high technological requirements of the implementation of the project, government would call for foreign direct investment in various segments of the development.

Last but not the least; the project is one of the most ambitious projects till date in India.  The intent and fundamental idea behind the project is quite noble, provided the implementation part is done with utmost transparency.  Smart City Yojana would bring in smart solutions within the targeted cities and towns so that the day to day lives of citizens living in these cities is convenient and efficient at the same time.

Boating around Big Temple planned under ‘Smart City’ for Thanjavur

It is a pride for the people of Thanjavur as it has been selected in the list of the smart city two years ago. A rate of 150 Cr per year is been allocated which is for five years for the development and maintenance of the city. Hence a total of 750 Cr is been allocated to Thanjavur.

The detailed work and its structure is been planned and finalized and the government has started to call in the tenders. According to officials initially a tender of 4 Cr will be called in for the development of Rajappa Park near old bus stand near clock tower. A 1.3 Cr tender will later be called in to develop Srinivasapuram Park.

Additional two wells will be dug in at a cost of Rs 288 crore, to supply 35 million litres of water per day Kollidam river at Thirumanur this is to make sure that the city meets the water requirements till the year 2035. 26 Cr is allocated for storm water drains, whereas 95 cr is allocated for underground drainage system. Developing a the Thiruvaiyaru bus stand, development of parks and water tanks, Cleaning and developing the moat around the Big temple later on boating facilities will also be provided, to make do all these there is an extra expenditure of around 25 Cr. The officials said that once the all these developments will be completed then Thanjavur will become a smart city.

India Smart Cities Fellowship (ISCF) and Internship (ISCI) schemes

Recently, the Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Department, Hardeep S Puri made several new announcements. He was inaugurating the India Smart Cities Fellowship (ISCF) and Internship (ISCI) schemes. Under these two programs, selected youngsters will get an opportunity to work with the urban governance and planning committee. He also said that smart cities will be judged on how respective authorities are handling the Digital Payment sector. The city that shows most remarkable progress will be presented with the Smart Cities Digital Payments Award. Apart from this, ‘Citiis’ Challenge for attaining financial and tech support from abroad and implementation of Local Area Planning and Town Planning Schemes, on pilot basis, in 25 separate areas was also announced.

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