MSME Sambandh Public Procurement Portal for MSEs (

MSME Sambandh Public Procurement Portal for MSEs (

Central government of India has started Public Procurement Portal for the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises. Alongside the MSME Sambandh Portal has been launched too. The main aim of the portal is to supervise the procurement policies and to implement them all in respect to develop Medium and Small enterprises in India.

Launch Details

The portal has been launched by the central government official Shree Giriraj Singh on 8th December 2017. While launching the portal and policies, Singh has stated that Central Public Sector Enterprises will implement the procurement from the medium and small enterprises.

Need of Procurement Portal

  • According to reports 80% of the employment in the nation comes from MSME sector. The central government will provide every possible opportunity in support to grow MSME sector more in future.
  • The investment in MSME sector is as low as 20% whereas the employment generation is much higher. Central government will have to procure different products from MSEs to develop them more.
  • At the first phase of each financial year the central authority will have to procure the products from the medium and small enterprises for the rest of the year.
  • The objective must be to achieve the goal of 20% contribution in total annual procurement of central government. This 20% must be from the medium and small enterprises.
  • This portal will be helpful to monitor the implementation and the access of procurement policy by the Central Public Sector Enterprise in a year.

Features of the Portal

  • Languages: First of all the portal is available in two different languages, English and Hindi. It will be easier for local people to access the information in Hindi.
  • Flagship programs: As Modi government has promised, with the launch of this portal, flagship programs like ‘Make In India’ will get more exposure and also promises like ease of business by the MSMEs in the nation will be eased.
  • Information: According to the portal, the MSEs will be able to access any sort of information regarding the products. All the information about products that will be procured by the CPSE will be accessible through the portal.
  • List of products: There is also a list of procured products by the CPSE from the MSEs. The list will be available in the portal. By clicking on this following link anyone can see the names of items purchased.
  • Fact Sheets: The candidates on the portal can access the fact sheets of various procurements. There are three types of lists available, CPSE wise, Ministry wise and department wise. For CPSE wise list click on this link For the Department wise list one can click on this link and finally the list for ministry wise fact sheet will be available in
  • MSEs Participation: Secretary of MSME has stated that as the MSEs will be able to access the information regarding the procured products on the portal this will lead to direct participation of the MSEs in procurement process.

The portal has been started to make things easier for both the ministry, CPSE and the MSME sector. As said that MSME sector with merely 20% of investment produce almost 80% employment opportunity, now the central government is not willing to leave a single stone unturned to encourage them. They will materialise all the promises and initiatives taken by the central government to enhance the MSME sector through this portal.


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