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Saksham Yuva Scheme In Haryana [Application Form, Apply, Eligibility Criteria]

Unemployment poses a massive issue that cripples the overall development of the state or nation. To keep this problem at bay, Haryana state government has implemented a new scheme, named Saksham Yuva Scheme. It will increase employment opportunities and offer unemployment grant to selected applicants as well.

Saksham Yojana Scheme in Haryana

Name of the scheme Saksham Yuva Scheme
Launched in Haryana
Launched by Manohar Lal Khattar
Date of official launch 2018
Target beneficiaries Educated unemployed youth
Supervised by Haryana State Employment Department


Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of employment sector – The successful implementation of this scheme will ensure that jobless people get better vocational opportunities. It will help to reduce overall unemployment in the state.
  2. Financial assistance for jobless – This specific developmental scheme has been designed and implemented by Haryana government to offer encouragement and financial assistance for educated youngsters who are still without a job.
  3. Recruitment as trainee – Selected applicants will get the opportunity to work in any of the government departments as a trainee. At the end of each month, they will receive internship for
  4. Frequency of payment – The state government has highlighted that applicants and the families will receive these payments on a monthly basis.
  5. Unemployment allowance – Apart from financial assistance to the families, the unemployed people will receive a redundancy grant of Rs. 3000 on a monthly basis.
  6. Skill development training – To ensure good job opportunities, the state government will also organize skill development trainings for these candidates.
  7. Tenure of the scheme – Once selected, all applicants will receive the financial grant for three years only.
  8. Coordination of state government departments – All state government offices have been instructed to update the exchange about their employee requirements. The applicants will be notified via SMS accordingly.

Eligibility criteria and documents necessary

  1. Residential criterion – As this scheme is spearheaded by this state government, legal residents of Haryana with proper residential certificates will only be allowed to apply.
  2. Registered with Employment Exchange – Only those candidates will be able to register under this specific project, which are registered with the state employment exchange. They must submit a copy of their employment exchange registration card.
  3. Age related criterion – Only those applicants who fall in the age bracket of 21 and 35 years will be allowed to register. Age certificate is also an important document.
  4. Income related criterion – It has been mentioned that the family income of the applicant must not exceed 3 lakhs during one year. So, proper income certificates must be submitted.
  5. Qualification related criterion – Only those applicants will be able to apply who have passed their graduation examinations. There is no specific marks related requirement. Applicants must furnish their mark sheet for school final exam and graduation examination.
  6. Other qualifications – In case the candidate has an additional qualification or vocational training, then such details can be mentioned, with proper documents.
  7. Aadhar card – Only those candidates will be able to get the financial benefits of this scheme if they possess their Aadhar cards. The code is a must for during registration and application.
  8. PAN and Voter card – It is mandatory for all interested applicants to have their PAN and voter cards.
  9. Bank details – As the state authority will transfer this money in directly in the bank account of each applicant, it is mandatory for all to have active bank accounts in their names. The bank and branch name, branch code, account number, and other details must be offered with application.

Business sectors this scheme covers

  1. Healthcare sector
  2. Agriculture sector
  3. Automobile industry
  4. Logistics
  5. Textile sector
  6. Finance and baking
  7. Physical education and sports
  8. Hospitality and tourism industries
  9. Construction
  10. Food processing
  11. Green skills
  12. Retail development and management
  13. Electronics and telecommunications

How to apply for online registration?

  1. Applicants need to register for this scheme to get the financial assistance from the state authority. To get this registration form, he/she needs to log on to the official site. For this, one has to click on
  2. If this is the first time for the candidate, then he/she must click on “New User” option.
  3. This must be followed by clicking on the “Login” option.
  4. When the new page opens, candidates have to click on the option that is marked as “Click here for Register.”
  5. Once this is done, all applicants must pick their respective qualification.
  6. After this, applicants must click on the button that is marked as “Go to Registration.”
  7. If the candidate is sanguine about applying for this scheme, he/she has to click on the tick mark to highlight his/her interest.
  8. This will trigger the site to open some additional fields. These fields must be filled in by the applicant with pertinent information.
  9. Once all details are typed in, the site will send an OTP to the active mobile number of the applicant. This OTP must be typed in without any errors to ensure proper submission of the registration form.
  10. After this step, candidates must place the mouse pointer on the option marled as “Register” and initiate the successful registration procedure.
  11. If all is in order, then applicants will receive a mail on their registered ID. This mail will contain the password that will enable each applicant to login on the site later on.

How to apply for online application?

  1. If an individual wants to apply for the first time, via the online portal, then he/she has to click on the authorized link of Saksham Yuva scheme. The link address is
  2. As the homepage comes up, the candidate has to click on the “Login/Sign-in” option. This is located below the scheme banner.
  3. All candidates will have to feed in some details to officially login on this site. He/she has to type in the unique Aadhar code. Then the applicant has to type in the password. This password will be sent via mail at the time of registration. Lastly, he/she has to click on the drop down list and select the qualification respectively.
  4. The person needs to type in the capchat code in the particular field and then click on the button that is marked as “Login.”
  5. This will trigger the site to bring up the actual application form on the computer screen.
  6. Applicants must fill in these details carefully to ensure approval of the application.
  7. When all details have been filled in, applicants have to click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  8. This will save the application on the site. Officers will carry out verification and update the application status in time.

How to check status of application online?

  1. The site also allows applicants the freedom to check the current status of the submitted application.
  2. For this, candidates need to click on the official web link of this scheme. To get to the main site, you have to click on the link
  3. Under the main banner, you will find several options. One of these options is marked as “Applicant(s) Detail.”
  4. This will bring up four separate fields.
  5. In case you desire to check the current status of your applicants, then you have to fill in these fields with respective details.
  6. Then you have to click on the red button that is marked as “Search.”
  7. This will trigger the site to search its database and show the current status update.

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