Sahakar Mitra Internship Scheme for Youths 2022

Sahakar Mitra Internship Scheme for Youths 2021(Eligibility, Duration, Online application)

The Sahakar Mitra Scheme is a new venture launched by the Union Agricultural minister, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar to help the graduate students with their internship program. The scheme will allow the interns to assist in the cooperative institutions allowing to express their innovative ideas while, in return the interns will gain a lot of experience in the field. This Yojana is the new venture of the National Cooperative Developmental Cooperation (NCDC). Sahakar Mitra Yojana will provide paid internships for the young people and ensure the availability of guaranteed project loans for young co-operators. National Cooperative Developmental Cooperation (NCDC) has also ventured in some of the initiatives in the cooperative sector within India including entrepreneurship development.


Union Minister to the launch the Sahakar Scheme:

During the launch of the scheme, the Union Minister, mentioned that the unique cooperative sector development in finance organisation NCDC has launched a series of initiatives in the entrepreneurship development of the cooperative sector through a paid internship for the interns, and has also ensured the capacity development and guaranteed project loans on liberalised terms for young cooperators on stay.

The Union minister stated that NCDC has launched a complementary scheme to encourage cooperative start-up projects. NCDC has also allocated funds that are necessary for the SahakarMitra Paid Internship Program to provide financial support for each intern over a 4-month internship period.

Eligibility for the scheme

  • Under the Sahakar Yojana the graduates who are qualified will be eligible for the internship in a discipline such as IT, Agriculture related areas, etc.
  • Also eligible for the scheme will be the individuals who have pursued or completed their education in MBA with the subjects Cooperation Finance, Agri-Business, Forestry, Project Management, International Trade, Rural Development, etc.


  • The Sahakar Mitra Yojana is expected to assist the individuals in the cooperative institutions and accessing the individual’s new and innovative ideas while, in return providing the experience necessary for the interns working in the field along with the the confidence to be self-reliant.
  • The scheme is meant to be a win-win situation both for the interns and the cooperatives alike.
  • The Yojana will also provide an incentive for the interns to build entrepreneurial positions and leadership skills through the cooperatives assistance.

Online Application Processing of the program

  • The Union Minister has also launched an online application portal along with the scheme for the internship application which is available on the website of the NCDC.
  • You can do the online registration process by going to the this link 
  • You have to submit the internship form online along with the recommendation letter
  • You can obtain the recommendation letter from the head of the department of the UGC/ AICTE /ICAR recognised universities.
  • The interns will be shortlisted by the committees based on the bio data and the recommendation letter of the candidate
  • Placement will be made at either HO, LINAC or MOs
  • The intern is going to be supervised by a mentor to provide guidance and special assignment
  • The findings of the study will not be published by the interns.


An Act of the Parliament that established the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) as a statutory corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare whose functions include  planning, promoting and financing programs for producing, storing, marketing, processing, exporting and importing agricultural products etc.

The scheme supports the call for Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self-reliant India) from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which underlines the importance of vocal for the local. While launching the scheme, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar stated that NCDC was proactive in providing creative solutions to the cooperative sector which is also beneficial for the interns.

NCDC has embarked on a series of initiatives in the entrepreneurship growth ecosystem of the cooperative sector through capacity creation, paid internship to youth and secured project loans on liberalised terms for start-up mode young co-workers.

In addition, India needs to learn from the technical and vocational training / education models in China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Singapore, and to follow a holistic model that can bridge the skill gaps and ensure youth employability.

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