Rupees 5 meal scheme for patient’s attendants by Telangana


Rupees 5 meal scheme Telangana 2022 ( list, status, Benefits, beneficiaries, helpline number, last date, how to apply registration, eligibility criteria, application form, official website, portal, documents, amount )


The Telangana government has come up with a rupees 5 meal scheme mainly for patient’s attendants at government hospitals of the state. It will cover for 18 hospitals in greater Hyderabad. The scheme would be jointly served by Ram Hare Krishna Mission who would offer arrange for the three times meal for attendants at a nominal rate of rupees 5. This would help the poor families easily get facilities like food and accommodation who are traveling long distance, to get treatment at government hospitals in the city.

Here’s how the beneficiaries can opt for the scheme benefits when visiting the government hospitals.

Rupees 5 meal scheme Telangana

Name of the scheme Rupees 5 meal scheme
Scheme launched for Attendants of patients
Number of hospitals to cover for 18 government hospitals
Joint venture of scheme with Hare Rama Krishna Mission
Scheme has been launched in Telangana
Scheme has been launched by  Telangana government
Number of meals to be offered Three-time meals
Scheme initiative taken by Health Minister Harish Rao with Home Minister Mehmood Ali
Scheme launched in Osmania General Hospital
Financial allotment for the scheme Rupees 40 crore annually for scheme
Main reason to launch scheme Patient attendants were facing problem of accommodation and food


What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  • Main target of scheme – The main idea of launching the scheme is to help the attendants of patients who were having problem to stay and get food in Telangana. For this, shelter houses will be created for attendants of patients at the government hospital.
  • Beneficiaries of scheme – The patients’ attendants of 18 government hospitals of the state. It is estimated to cover up for almost 20, 000 people under the scheme on daily basis.
  • Scheme has been launched by – The scheme has been launched by Home Minister Mehmood Ali with Health Minister Harish Rao. However, it would be launch in association with non-profit organization where the government will give a rupees 21 subsidy to the NGO for daily meals.
  • Financial help from state government – The ministers are of opinion that the state government will offer rupees 40 crore annually for the successful implementation of the scheme. There is already a hike in diet charge of patients in government hospitals of the state. Along with this, they would look after the quality of food and try to include nutritional options, giving an additional of rupees 43.50 crore on yearly basis.
  • Hospitals included to get the scheme benefits – A total of 18 government hospitals are included in the scheme and 20, 000 people can get the meal under the scheme.
  • Meal scheme for poor – The financial deprived families and patients can avail of this meal scheme and shelter facilities taken by state government for the welfare of poor sections of the society. It is mainly to ensure that the poor patients coming for treatment at government hospitals should not face any trouble.

Other than this, it has offered superfine rice to students of SC, ST and the BC hotels. It is also offering quality rice to poor families, giving a total of 6kg rice at rupee 1 per kg. it is trying to bring in latest welfare schemes in the state that no other states have been successful at till date. It is mainly to offer benefits and take care of welfare of the deprived sections of the society.

Who are eligible to register for scheme?

  • Income details –One should furnish suitable income details if they wish to get the scheme benefits and meal at government hospitals easily. It is mainly to help the deprived sections
  • Category of people– The main idea of launching the scheme is to help the poor families who come to government hospitals for treatment and the attendants have to wait for a long time.
  • Medical details – The candidates and patient’s attendants who wish to get facilities of the scheme should produce correct medical details of the patient for which they are visiting the hospital
  • Residential proof –As the scheme has been started in Telangana, only the patients and their attendants of the state-run hospital can avail of the scheme

What are the documents required to register for the scheme?

  • Identification details – Only the natives of the state are eligible to register for the scheme and show correct domicile details at the time of registering for it
  • Income certificate – The family of a patient admitted at the government hospital should furnish supportive document in claim that belong to poor sections of society and are eligible to avail the meal scheme of stay and food
  • Medical details – The attendants should have all required medical documents with them when applying for the scheme and get the accommodation and meal perks under the scheme and visiting the patient

By successful implementation of the scheme, the state government is mainly trying to help the poor families get suitable medical help, and their attendants can stay for long time, as required for the treatment.

Process to register for the scheme

As the scheme is newly proposed by state government with home minister and others, the registration procedure is yet to come up. The beneficiaries would be the first to know about it from its official portal. Depending on this, they can take suitable steps and register for the meal scheme online and enjoy the benefits when their patients are being treated in government hospitals.

FAQ of the scheme

  • Who are eligible for the scheme?

Poor patient’s attendants who come to government hospitals for treatment

  • Who has taken the scheme initiative?

Health Minister Harish Rao with Home Minister Mehmood Ali

  • How many hospitals would be covered under the scheme?

18 government hospitals

  • What is the main idea of the meal scheme?

Offer meal for rupees 5 to patient’s attendants

  • How much money has been allocated by government for the scheme?

Rupees 40 crore annually with additional of rupees 43.50 for other expenditure

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