Ro-Ro Ferry Service In Gujarat

Ro-Ro Ferry Service In Gujarat

Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has inaugurated a ferry service in his home ground, Gujarat today. Named as Dream Project, Ro-Ro Ferry Service will join Saurashtra and south Gujarat via ferry services. This will reduce the distance of the mentioned place to mere 30Km from 310kms by road. PM Modi on Sunday inaugurated the project in presence of current CM Mr. Vijay Rupani and Deputy CM Mr. Nitin Patel in Vadodara.

Ro-Ro Ferry Service In Gujarat

Name Ro-Ro Ferry Service In Gujarat
Launched Date Oct 2017
Launched By PM
Supervised By Gujarat Maritime Board

Dream Project – Ro-Ro Ferry Services – Features

  • Objective: As per the service there will be number of ferries launched from west Gujarat to south Gujarat. The coverage will be from Ghogha in Sourashtra, West Gujarat to Dahej, South Gujarat.
  • Ferry Service for all: The project will help many inhabitants of west Gujarat to travel to south without wasting much time on road. People who are working in Surat will be able to save much more time.
  • Phases: According to the project there will be three phases. In the first phase of this service only passengers can travel from Ghogha to Dahej. In the second phase, vehicles including cars and bikes can be shifted. Finally in the last phase heavy vehicles such as Lorry or truck can be shifted from west to south easily. Second phase will start after two months of launching first phase.
  • Advancement: This project is said to be one-of-its-kind project. Not only in India, but in whole south-eastern region in Asia will witness this kind of project for the first time. New technology will be used in this project to make it better and bigger.
  • Time saving: As said that the distance between the two parts of the state will be reduced to 30 kms from 310 kms, it will also reduce the time of travel. Passengers can travel within 1 hour via ferry instead of spending 6 hours on road.
  • Other projects: On the launch of the ferry services, Modi travelled from Ghogha to Dahej to inaugurate the project. Afterwards he has gone to Vadodara to put another foundation stone for the various development projects and schemes in the state launching soon. According to the reports cost of all these development projects is around Rs. 1140 Cr.


The total budget for the roll-on and roll-off ferry service project is set at Rs. 650 Cr. The budget is set for all three phases.

Once the project will be launched, people who are working in diamond factories in Surat or other places across the south Gujarat will be benefitted mostly. The reason is most of the workers in diamond factories live and around west Gujarat. They take a lot of time to come to the work place. Some have to stay away from home for work.

Also PM Modi said there will be a bunch of schemes and projects launch in next year. As mentioned above those projects will be related to the development of the state in diverse ways and divisions. More than Rs. 1000 Cr will be invested in such projects.

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