Apply Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Tower Installation Online, Rent and Contact Details

Apply Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Tower Installation Online, Rent and Contact Detailst Details

It of no doubt that the customer base of Reliance Jio is growing strong and if reports are to be believed then the customer base of the company has already gone up to 2.5 million users. So now the company wants to set up more towers in the country and for this Jio has invited applications from people who are willing to rent out place for installing the Reliance Jio 4G Tower.

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Tower installation

Renting areas for setting up mobile network towers gives you some good money and many people prove their house or building rooftop or land to set up these towers. Reliance Jio to would give you a lot of money on a monthly basis if you are willing to set up their tower. Here is the whole process for going about it.

Apply Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Tower Installation Online

Reliance Jio Tower Installation is planned to be carried on the basis of Rental Basis
Cost of Rental which offered by Reliance Jio per month Up to Rs.50,00
Who Invites the application for tower installation of reliance jio RJIL (Reliance jio Infocomm Limited)
Minimum space required to place reliance Jio tower 2000 Sq. feet
Who holds the authority of approving tower installation? Panchayat Samiti or Local Civic body

Reliance Jio is looking for plots to install almost 45000 towers so s to reach its large customer base and provide them with better network service. Another reason for installing more towers is to reach more and more people who are in locations that the Reliance Jio network has not reached yet. Now you can rent out your rooftop or free land for installing the tower. But then the company has set certain rules based on which they will choose the areas where the tower can be installed.

Facts to be kept in mind if you wish to rent your place for the tower installation

  • The rooftop or the plot that you offer for the installation should be of a proper and suitable size. It should not be too small. In case it is a plot that your offer then it should be at least 2000 square feet. And in the case of a rooftop, it should be at least 500 square feet.
  • Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that your application will be accepted only if the company feels that there is a requirement for the tower in the area where to offer the space for installation. The lease to be signed will be for 11 months at least.

Now talking about the money or the monthly rent that you would get after installing the tower. Well the company has not mentioned any particular amount as of now. But it is expected that like other mobile network, which offer Rs.50000 to Rs.60000 in a month to the people who allow tower set up in their space, Reliance Jio too would be paying in a similar way.

Applying for the Tower Installation

There are two procedures by which you can apply for the tower installation of Reliance Jio.

  • The first option is to register, with all the details of your land, at the Indus Tower Portal. Now Indus Tower is the company that keeps in contact with the mobile network companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, etc. They ac as middle man and people who are willing to set up towers can apply to Indus Tower, and they inform the different mobile network companies about it. So you too can apply here, and the company will inform Jio about your application. And if found eligible the Jio team will contact you.
  • Another method is to directly contact the Jio team by visiting Here you will a form that you have to fill in with details likes- your email id, name, details about the space that you are willing to provide at rent, contact number, etc. Here too if your application is found suitable then the company will contact you.
  • If you apply for the installation of Jio tower then make sure you have the following documents- photo copy of the land papers which you will be renting, No Objection Certificate from a Civic Body, Recent land survey report, and your proper ID proof. Only after a full verification process will the company start the installation process.

The company has not given any particular toll free number for contacting the company for the application process, so you have to opt from the above mentioned methods. If you want cheap broad bank then can apply for JioFiber Preview offer.

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