PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana Pension, Check Eligibility Criteria

To help the poor and old farmers cope up with different financial difficulties, the central government has come up with the plan of PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana. As per the guidelines, the beneficiaries will get financial help. However, in the case of the beneficiary’s death, the pension scheme will be applicable only to the spouse. Let us take a look at other details of the scheme in the following part of the article.

PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana

Key features of the PM Kisan Pension scheme –

  1. Beneficiary amount – The amount given to farmers will vary from rupees 55 to rupees 200 based on the age of the farmers.
  2. Total number of beneficiaries – A total of 20, 501, 29 farmers have registered from the above-said scheme
  3. Main objective of the scheme – The main focus of the scheme is to offer protection to the old farmers and also offer security to the farmers

Eligibility criteria –

  • Age limit – The ones who are above the age group of 60 years can avail of the scheme benefits.
  • Areas of land of farmers – Farmers having 2 hectares of land are eligible to avail of the benefits of the scheme.
  • Availability of scheme – When the beneficiary of the scheme dies, his spouse is only eligible to benefit only half the scheme.

PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana benefits –

  • Amount given to farmers – The farmers who are considered eligible for the scheme benefits will be given rupees 3000 monthly which sums up to rupees 36000 yearly.
  • Benefits by government – This is an excellent contribution by the government to improve the farmers’ condition.
  • Contributory scheme – In this type of voluntary scheme, the farmers can withdraw their contribution as and when they want so. However, the money will not go to waste, and they can get the same in the linked bank accounts.

The agricultural department authorities have said that the farmers need not pay any fees for the scheme’s registration. The farmers can contribute from the benefits that they get through the PM-Kisan scheme. This way, the farmers do not have to spend money and yet get financial benefits from the scheme.

How to apply for the PM Kisan Mandhan Yojana –

  1. The enrolment allotment for the scheme can be done through the official portal of the scheme
  2. For the same, the farmers have to go to the link
  3. After this, the farmers have to go to the nearest common service center or CSC where the official can help them with the registration process
  4. The farmer need to produce bank account details, IFSC code, and Aadhaar card details at the time of registration for scrutiny purpose by high officials
  5. The initial contribution for the scheme will be done by village level entrepreneur
  6. The village entrepreneur is responsible to fill up Aadhaar details, date of birth, subscribers details and the like for the contribution
  7. The entrepreneur will also complete online registration and following this, the farmers will automatically get the monthly benefits under the scheme
  8. The farmer subscribing for the scheme has to pay the first subscription fee
  9. For this, the farmers will be given kisan pension account number and accordingly kisan card will be given

To get details about the common service center, the farmers can visit the official portal. If any farmer wants to leave the scheme within a time of 10 years from the day of application, he will be given the contribution money for the scheme directly to his bank account with the interest applicable at the present rate.

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