One Nation One Ration Card Scheme State List : Online Registration, Eligibility

Government distributes ration cards to citizens, and they are allowed to use the card only within the mentioned state. But after recent changes, it has been stated by Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan that the citizens can use the card in any state. With the help of the card, they can get the grains they deserve from the shops.  Other than this, there are several issues discussed by union Food Minister like storage of food grain items, transparency in the distribution of grains, computerization, the online depot system, and efficient functioning of other depots. However, as per the rules of one nation one ration card scheme, every citizen belonging to different regions of different states will get the scheme card. As per this, an individual will get easy PDS distribution in whichever region or state he or she is living in.

One nation ration card scheme

Features of ration card scheme –

  • Target beneficiaries of scheme – The main target group of the ration card scheme is to offer free ration to the poor families in whichever states they travel to in search of work
  • Date of scheme implementation – The scheme will be implemented from August 2020 and it has been initiated on the 30th of June 2020.
  • Ration at low rates – When an individual travels to other states, they can get the ration facilities at low rates
  • Main idea of scheme launch – The main objective to launch the scheme is to offer easy and free ration facilities to the poor families in our country irrespective of the region they are residing in

Therefore, with the introduction of this ration card scheme, it shall help to eliminate the problem of an individual to avail of ration benefits outside their native state.  

Benefits of ration card scheme –

  1. As per scheme benefits, the migrant laborers will be beneficial from the scheme as they will be given free ration facilities in whichever region or state they travel to
  2. According to one country, one ration card scheme, the candidates can get the ration for free through smooth PDS center of the state they are living in
  3. To avail of the scheme benefits, the candidate has to visit PDS center of the state. However, it depends on the wish of the candidates to which ration center they want to choose to get the ration items from
  4. Some of the PDS systems has been initiated fast by the help of the government in states like Karnataka, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tripura, Telangana, Jharkhand, Kerala and the like
  5. The main objective of central government is come up with the concept of one nation and one card system and the individual can get the card benefits from every region of this nation
  6. For the successful implementation of the scheme, the Department of Food and Public Distribution is trying their best to help individuals can suitable benefits under the scheme
  7. By this, it is possible to reduce the problems of corruption relating to the PDS system in different states where the ration distribution does not reach to the beneficiaries

However, the Food and Public Distribution Department is dedicated to make the scheme a success for the sake of one country and one ration card system.

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