Advance PDS Ration of Three Months Distributed To Beneficiaries In Odisha

CM of Odisha declared about advanced PDS ration distribution due to COVID-19 [Eligibility, Documents, List, How to apply] Free Ration For 3 Months 

In a press meeting, Geeta Govinda Sadan declared about PDS ration distribution to be covered up for April, May and June for the lockdown to 89, 45, 793 card holders. In addition to this, in the press meeting, high dignitaries like Subroto Bagchi, Sanjay Kumar Singh from Information & Public Relations Department Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Smt. Salini Pandit and others discussed the measures to be taken for the prevention of the pandemic COVID-19.

CM of Odisha declared about advanced PDS ration distribution due to COVID-19

Name of the initiative Advance PDS ration distribution
Target group for the initiative 89, 45, 793 ration card holders
Total number of families covered 40,243 families poor families in Odisha
Initiative supervised by Naveen Patnaik, CM of Odisha

Benefits of the PDS ration distribution

  • Under the ration distribution, almost 91 lakh 33 thousand 22 PDS Ration Card Holders will be benefitted.
  • Each will be rupees 1000 to cope up with the situation of COVID-19.
  • Even under the State Food Security Scheme, 1, 09,712 new beneficiaries are included that covers up almost 40,243 families in the state.
  • Almost 3, 64,296 destitute and poor individuals have been offered food under 5530 gram panchayat.
  • Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, the ration card holders are given 5 Kg rice per head and 1 Kg Dal for the coming 3 months for free of cost.

How will the ration distribution work?

A total of 913 crores 30 lakhs 22 thousand rupees has been announced by CM of Odisha.

Who are eligible for the ration?

  • Residents of state –As the ration distribution system has been introduced in Odisha, only the state ration holders are eligible for the benefits.
  • Identify proof – The beneficiaries need to introduce ID proof like voter ID card, Aadhaar card at the time of registration for ration distribution.
  • Ration card holders – Only the ration Card Holders are eligible to avail of the benefits under the ration distribution system.

However, no other eligibility criteria of the beneficiaries have been declared by high authorities. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first to know about it.

Application process of the distribution

Under this public distribution system, the state government declared that the ration cardholders could get the ration from the ration shops under each gram panchayat.


Therefore, the high dignitaries are trying their best to come up with a smooth ration distribution system through the ration shops. This shall help the poor people to handle the situation during lockdown for COVID-19.  With the ration, the families will be able to meet their food requirements for the coming three months.

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