Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh

Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh

As the water bodies getting polluted in all over the nation in recent times, respective state governments are keen on establishing new schemes and plans to safeguard their water resources. In the state government of Madhya Pradesh have recently launched Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana by which the river Narmada will be conserved in better ways. The river Narmada covers about over 100 cities of the west part of the nation. For making this scheme a successful one, the state government of Madhya Pradesh allocated whooping amount of Rs.1,300 Crore for this scheme.

Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh

S.No Things Need to Know about River Narmada Detailed Information
1 River Narmada is also known as Rewa
2 Distance covered by river Narmada 1,312 Kms
3 Conservation Project carried on River Narmada Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana
4 Aim of Sanrakshan Karya Yojana To save the River Narmada
5 Sanrakshan Karya Yojana Started in 2009


This is one of major source of living for the people the Madhya Pradesh state and most of farming in Madhya Pradesh depends upon Narmada River.

Religious Significance of the Narmada River:

Narmada is one of the holy rivers of India. It is consider that after taking a bath in the holy Narmada River, man can be free from all the sins of his life. In the middle of the people in India, Narmada River is measured as the mother and the contributor of calm. The river is considered as the divinity and is worshiped in India.

But with the increase in tourist option in the Madhya Pradesh condition of the Narmada River is getting worse. Waste in the Narmada River is increasing day by day. If this throwing of waste material in the river is being increased in the same speed then within few Years River will get totally polluted and it will create danger on living of the state people.

To save river government launch a plan Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh with many measures and plans. If those are implemented in right ways, it is assured that the river would be conserved lot more better when considering the current scenarios.

Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh

From December 11 to visit to Narmada River is starting. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the visit by the Narmada River will be free of the mass resolution. People will walk this journey of over 1900 kilometers. Tour vehicle will pass through deserted places only.

This combination has been in service with the intent of Narmada. At different places and times during the trip will include representatives of all sections of society.

Chouhan said that it will be cleaning ghats on the banks of the Narmada River under the Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh. People river protection, protecting the environment and will be administered promise to habit. The cultural program will be dedicated to the Narmada River.  Passenger trip will be arranged for every day for at least five plantation and care of its responsibility to be fixed. In the first phase, Rs500 crore was sanctioned while Rs800 crore were given in the second phase.

How Narmada Sanrakshan Karya Yojana in Madhya Pradesh will work?

It was informed that the new route, song and logo of the campaign are to be determined. The site will be prepared. Travelers will also be registered. The campaign will ensure the role of the various departments. Additional Chief Secretary Forests plan for implementation of the campaign of economic statistics, the seven member administrative committee has been constituted under the chairmanship.

  • This campaign is a social movement to protect the Narmada. The role of government in society will associate. Travel during the week will include a one day trip they themselves. During the visit traveler can take rest in the villages
  • Mr. Chouhan has appealed to the institution of society and every individual to involve in life-saving protection of the Narmada River to cooperate actively in the ambitious mass movement.
  • Unique Dress code of the people who take part in this mission, government decide to provide dress code to the people who plan take part in this mission so that they can be indentified separately

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