Central Govt. to Start Nagar Van Yojana (City Forest Scheme) in All States

Central Govt. to Start Nagar Van Yojana (City Forest Scheme) in All States

 In order to restore the environment the central government has launched a scheme called Nagar Van Yojana. The scheme is applicable for all states of India; the scheme is going to be launched on World Environment Day by Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar. The theme of the event is biodiversity; on that very day the union minister will open an online portal for the scheme to bolster the urban forestry. The article is going to talk about the project in detail.

Nagar Van Yojana

Name of the scheme Nagar Van Yojana
Launched in India
Lunched by Prakash Javadekar
Date of launch 2020
Applicable area All states of India

Key features of the scheme

  • Objective o the scheme– The scheme will work towards creating urban forest in the cities all over the country.
  • Monitoring- According to the scheme, the city forest will be created under the supervision of the municipality.
  • Awareness creation- The scheme will create awareness among the people of the urban area regarding the biodiversity of the area.
  • Educating people- With the project the environment department will observe the flora and fauna of a particular region and it will help to identify the threat.
  • Rejuvenating the city- Due to the urbanization the cities had lost forest and through the scheme it is to restore the ecology of the city.
  • Pollution control- The scheme will help to control the pollution of the city and also help in in-situ conservation.
  • Health benefit– As the scheme will make the climate of the urban area resilient; so it will provide lots of health benefit to the people of that region.

Components of City Forests in Nagar Van Yojana

In order to make the scheme successful there are several components and they are given below.

  • Appropriate fencing– After the plantation fencing is very important to protect the trees.
  • Wooded blocks– In order to prioritize the local species the wooden block are used.
  • Biodiversity– In order to restore the biodiversity, the authority will plant the shrubs, medicinal plants, climbers, seasonal flower plants, etc.
  • Rain water harvesting– To restore the natural resource of environment the scheme will pay attention to the irrigation.
  • Public convenience– The authority will also look after the public convenience and for that there will drinking-water booths and benches, footpath, jogging track, cycle track, etc.

Strategy of the scheme

The scheme was also launched earlier on pilot basis. This time the ministry will work on 25ha area inside a city and 6,500 indigenous plants will be planted.

Budgetary provision

  • The state and the central government will share 20:80 in the case of budget for the scheme.
  • The local authority will get one time grant from the central government in order to improve the urban forest.
  • The amount of the grant is 2 crore rupees.
  • The grant will be given in two installments- the first 505 of the grant will be given to get sanction of the project. The second installment will be given once the work is done up to ¾ th.


The central government is encouraging the state authority to establish a forest under their jurisdiction. It will ensure to get maximum environmental benefit and the public health will be restored. In order to prioritize the sustainability the union environmental minister has invoked the Warje in Pune as that became the lung of Maharashtra. The scheme is also asking for public participation in order to plant trees around the city. It is needless to say that with the help of this scheme the city will be cleaner than usual.

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